Repression under Xi Jinping forces Chinese elite and middle class to seek political asylum in other countries

Beijing [China]July 21 (ANI): Tired of the oppressive rule of President Xi Jinping’s administration, the Chinese elite and middle class flee the country and make desperate attempts to seek political asylum in other countries. is doing.

Hongkong Post reported that people do not want to live in China because they are constantly facing the challenge of dealing with the Xi Jinping administration. Among the reasons for asylum are China’s brutal crackdown on minority communities, free speech seekers, scholars, activists, and even businessmen and celebrities.

The latest example is China’s strict COVID-19 policy. The strict blockade and government handedness during the Covid-19 pandemic only exacerbated the problem, as it impaired people’s lives.

These strict policies forced the middle class to look for another country to live, and therefore a major escape.

Getting asylum is a difficult task for Chinese. Still, the number of applications has grown exponentially over the last three years.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the annual number of asylum seekers from China in 2012 was 15,362. However, it continued to grow at a high rate, increasing to 1,08,071 in 2020.

It seems that it has exceeded 120,000 marks this year, and it seems that it is approaching an unmanageable situation. The total number of people who applied for asylum during the reign of Xi Jinping exceeded 6,13,000.

Not only in mainland China, but also in Hong Kong, the effects of human rights abuses in China can be seen. People are desperate to settle abroad, especially in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Ivy Kui, who runs the Immigration Bureau in Shanghai, talked about the atmosphere at the scene and said people were panicking and wanted to leave China as soon as possible.

China’s strict restrictions have instilled deep resentment among the Chinese. Xi Jinping’s authoritarian rule, and the crackdown on public dissent and free speech, only insulted the injury.

From business to education to entertainment, Xi Jinping seeks to strengthen its clutch in all key areas. This invasion has made a large part of society uncomfortable. Billionaire has abandoned citizenship.

By 2020, more than 500 elite citizens have left China. As the crackdown in the name of Covid-19 management has diversified, many such wealthy businessmen are now in the process of settling elsewhere.

Safeguard Defenders, a human rights group, said the number of asylum seekers from China has increased at an alarming level, thanks to a more oppressive governance system. Many Chinese have emigrated to democracies, especially the rival United States.

Internet searches for topics such as “immigration” and “how to get to Canada” have become very prevalent in China these days. A new trend has emerged-“runxue”, a study of how to get out of China forever.

“The city we live in should make us feel safe. For some reason, citizens are always in anxiety and they can no longer rely on the city for their well-being and livelihood. If you feel it, it’s a betrayal. “Posted to the social media platform WeChat.

Kathy Huang, a consultant to the Council on Foreign Relations, said the elite and even the middle class are looking for alternatives to their poor lives in China.

According to the media portal, “The sudden surge in interest shown by search engines and immigration consultants shows that a much larger population, perhaps the middle class, is starting to consider it after the blockade.” She said.

Not only Chinese citizens but also foreigners living in China are leaving the country due to severe blockade and heightened anti-Western sentiment.

According to the data, Shanghai decreased by 20% from 2,08,000 in 2011 to about 1,63,000 in 2021, while Beijing decreased by 40% in 10 years to about 63,000 foreign residents. became. (ANI)

Repression under Xi Jinping forces Chinese elite and middle class to seek political asylum in other countries

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