Report: Cleveland Indians Renamed 105 Years Later

Cleveland (AP)-Cleveland Indians changed its name after 105 years.

The New York Times quoted three people familiar with the decision and reported on Sunday night that the team had been decades away from what is considered a racist name. Indians have been discussing potential name changes internally for months.

A spokesman for the team told The Associated Press that the franchise did not have immediate comments on the report.

The team may make a formal announcement later this week, according to The Times. It’s unclear when the name change will take effect or if the team has settled on the new Monica.

Cleveland’s withdrawal from the Indians follows a similar decision earlier this year by the NFL’s Washington Football Team, formerly known as Redskin.

For years, Native American groups and others have protested Cleveland’s use of Indians as a name and other images used in the American League charter franchise founded in 1901. I did. Last year, the team removed the controversial Chief Wahoo logo from caps and jerseys. However, smiling and cartoonish mascots are popular, and products are sold with that image.

The Indians are dealing with a backlash from fans upset by Chief Wahoo’s dismissal, and the club is certain to hear more in the decision to change its name.

Cleveland owner Paul Dolan only hours after pressure from several sponsors, including FedEx, who holds the football team’s stadium naming rights, made Washington’s plans known. Later in July, the team issued a statement to consider “the best way to move forward by team name.” .. “

Since then, the team has consulted with players, front office members, coaching staff, community leaders, shareholders and Native American groups.

A few days after Doran’s statement, Indians manager Terry Francona said it was time to change his name and “go forward.”

Francona, who has been with the club since 2013, said, “I was thinking about it and before I made that statement.” Our name or Chief Wahoo, I would say I usually answer and know that we are never trying to be rude.

“And I still feel that way. But I don’t think that’s enough today. I think it’s time to move forward. It’s a very difficult subject. It’s also delicate.”


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Report: Cleveland Indians Renamed 105 Years Later

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