Report: Australian special forces illegally killed 39 Afghans

November 19th – Australian special forces allegedly committed 39 unlawful killings during an operation in Afghanistan, and federal police charged 19 current and former soldiers with criminal charges, according to a new report released Thursday. Recommended to investigate for.

Australian Secretary of Defense Angus Campbell said Thursday that the report’s findings alleged the most serious violations of military action and apologized to Afghan people for the crimes committed by soldiers.

“It’s my duty to set things right, and it’s my fellow chief’s duty,” he said.

Citing the report, Campbell accused the soldiers of accepting the “warrior culture” for their killings.

“The misguided focus on fame, status and power has moved away from the legacy of the regiment’s military excellence and merged with the quiet humility of service,” he said. “As the troops devoted themselves to war preparation and battle, much of the order and discipline of military life was lost. Cutting corners, turning, and ignoring rules was normalized.”

The report, released by an Australian Defense Force inspector general, is based on over 20,000 documents, 25,000 images, and interviews with 423 witnesses, with rumors that some soldiers may have violated the law. It started in 2016 after the allegations surfaced. The situation of armed conflict in Middle Eastern countries from 2005 to 2016.

During a four-year investigation, the report found 23 separate cases in which 39 people were illegally killed by or under the direction of special forces soldiers who met the definition of war crimes in court. We also found two cases that reached the threshold in war crimes courts when a person was abused.

It said that 25 current and former Australian Defense Force soldiers were involved in these cases as perpetrators or as principals or accessories.

“Neither of these is a case of controversial decisions made under pressure in the heat of the fight,” the report said. “Cases where reliable information on war crimes turned out were cases where it was or should have been obvious that the murderer was a non-combatant.”

The report said there was credible information that junior soldiers were required by their patrol commander to shoot prisoners to achieve the soldier’s first killing-known as “bloody”. Practice.

In addition, some members of the Special Operations Task Group were carrying foreign weapons and equipment called “slowdowns,” which were to be placed with the bodies to portray them as legitimate targets.

Campbell said he had accepted 143 recommendations in the report, which would be implemented through a plan currently under development.

“On behalf of the Australian Defense Force, I sincerely and generously apologize to the people of Afghanistan for the misconduct by Australian soldiers,” he said.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s Office Tweet Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called him to “express his deep sorrow for misconduct by the Australian Army” and assured him of investigation and justice.

Report: Australian special forces illegally killed 39 Afghans

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