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Rep. Hank Johnson suggests Joe Biden confidential documents were ‘planted’

A long-time Democratic congressman smells rats.

Rep. Hank Johnson (Democrat of Georgia) suggested that President Biden did not mishandle classified information during his term as Vice President.

“Classified documents allegedly in the possession of Joseph Biden have been revealed…I doubt the timing,” Johnson said. Said Fox news thursday.

In addition to what Johnson called questionable timing, he noted that the paper had been planted.

“I am also aware of the fact that people can plant things… things can be planted in places and conveniently found. That could be what happened here.” hmm,” he said.

Johnson has defended Biden as a victim of wrongdoing, but the president admitted Thursday that classified documents were locked up in his garage in Wilmington, Delaware, right next to his vintage Chevrolet Corvette. .

Hours after Johnson pitched the theory, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Herr as the special counsel for the case.
Mr. Johnson is familiar with the unverifiable claims that sparked Snickers.

In 2010, he told Admiral Robert F. Willard that adding about 8,000 Marines to a base on Guam (population 180,000) would “overcrowd the entire island and tip it over.” I asked if it meant

Even small islands in the middle of the ocean are as bound to the earth’s crust as continents are and cannot physically capsize like an overloaded ship rocking at sea.

“I don’t expect that,” replied the admiral. Rep. Hank Johnson suggests Joe Biden confidential documents were ‘planted’

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