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Rep. George Santos sworn in to Congress as some voters call for him to resign

New YorkCongressman George Santos He’s newly sworn in and in the hot seat because his voters say he’s hiding from them.

There have also been calls for his resignation, intensifying investigations to sort out the lies and alleged crimes he admitted.

A rally was held Saturday in front of Congress’s Third District office, where Democrats and some Republicans announced that Fever’s George Santos is officially a member of Congress now that he took the oath of office. They were united in disgust at what they had admitted.

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Republicans begin terms as new members of the House of Representatives queens Long Island under a cloud of controversy.

“We are only focused on removing George Santos and ensuring a special election,” protester Jody Kass said.

Santos admitted to lying about his background, including attending Baruch College and working for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. There are also questions about Santos’ finances and his claims of large donations to his own campaigns.

“I’m very close to him. I met him in 2021. I’m a conservative activist,” said Long Island resident Teodora Cholfean.

She says she campaigned for him, but is no longer a fan. She was invited to celebrate with him in Washington, D.C., and she went.

“George, this is Theodora. Please resign immediately,” she said.

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One question that was repeated at rallies: where is he? Demonstrators wanted to know if he was hiding from voters.

“His office has not been set up. We do not know for now that this is the current MP’s office,” protester Tanbir Choudhury said.

CBS2 tried to contact Santos on his cell phone but got no response and left a message. We spoke with members of his team and one of them said, “I don’t know where the lawmakers are.”

He lived in the area with his sister for some time, but it is unclear if he will return there.

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His legal troubles seem to be growing. An investigation by the House Ethics Committee is possible.

An investigation into his allegations and actions includes a high-profile investigation by the Republican Nassau County District Attorney, but a criminal investigation into stolen checks is said to have been reopened by Brazilian prosecutors.

Rep. Richie Torres promised:

Despite many wondering how he can stay on Earth, Santos appears to be adamant that he will not budge for now. Rep. George Santos sworn in to Congress as some voters call for him to resign

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