Real-Time Marijuana Test for Employers On the Market (1)

Some may wonder why the news of the availability of a real-time testing device that allows employers to determine real-time impairment due to marijuana use isn’t on every front page around the globe! Marijuana is either legal or decriminalized in nearly every country in the world. There is little doubt that employers in twenty-one states, two territorities, and the District of Columbia (DC) in the United States would want to know this news as well.

That’s because since marijuana legalization came on the scene, employers have had a rough go of it. Advocates have been consistently pushing for it to be completely removed from company drug tests within states where it’s legal to smoke pot recreationally..

The reason for the outcry is that marijuana metabolites accumulate in the fat cells. That’s a problem because we all know how the body tends to hang on to those! Someone who regularly smoked—or otherwise ingested—marijuana is likely to test positive for it for up to three months after they last use the drug. Even occasional use can cause a positive result for weeks.

Some employers—mostly those who feel that marijuana impairment doesn’t pose a risk for certain positions within their company—are quietly removing the marijuana test panel. Actually, it’s a valid point because a third shift hotel clerk, for example, could go all night without having contact with anyone whatsoever!  The majority of employers who drug test, though, say the marijuana test panel stays put.

If it’s harmless, what’s the problem?

The overall acceptance of marijuana in today’s society stems from the fact that marijuana is known for its euphoric effects. Users experience side effects that tend to cause them to “mellow out.” The laid back, copacetic attitude associated with people who smoke pot has led everyone to believe that legalization is no big deal.

However, employers are responsible for the safety of those in their employ and some of the known side effects of smoking—or otherwise ingesting—marijuana indicate that being high at work could be a major problem. Inattentiveness and being easily distracted are also associated with pot smokers. For that matter, clumsiness can be an issue at times as well. Therefore, someone who isn’t paying attention or trips over things at work is at higher risk of causing an accident. Moreover, the same goes for everyone who is working in their vicinity.

It’s no wonder that employers take issue with that fact.

As long as the U.S.Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has marijuana listed as a Schedule 1 drug, employers have every right to keep testing for marijuana whether or not the test reports real-time impairment.

Taking issue with a positive marijuana test

Lots of companies require a pre-employment drug test. In fact, it’s the only drug test that some companies require—ever! The fact that marijuana remains in the system for such a long amount of time after quitting use poses problems for people who use marijuana legally. If it’s on the pre-employment test and the applicant fails because of prior drug use, they aren’t getting the job.

Likewise, a positive result can pose problems for employers if an employee is involved in an accident at work. Post-accident drug testing is beneficial because if someone has drugs in their system. A positive result indicates where responsibility may lie. It can be difficult to prove that marijuana use is the reason if the employee insists they hadn’t used the drug recently.

There’s no way to tell for sure.

Hound Labs paves a new way

In September 2022, Hound Labs, a company based in Oakland, California, announced its partnership with Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services. The partnership established Quest as the exclusive provider of laboratory services for confirmatory testing of the positive breath sample results generated by the Hound Cannabis Breathalyzer.

Yes, you read that correctly! A marijuana breathalyzer is actually getting into the hands of employers. They must be packing boxes even as you read, eh? Interested employers are encouraged to sign up to learn more or buy now on the company’s website.

The Hounds Cannabis Breathalyzer has been in the works since 2014. The clinical trials began in 2018. At last, employers are able to see the end of a long waiting period in sight. Sign up on Hound Lab’s website to purchase your own company breathalyzer. They are affordable and easy to use. Each test requires that an individual cartridge be loaded into the machine and, then, it’s removed for processing afterward.

Employers conduct their testing on site. Negative results determine that an employee hasn’t used a cannabis product recently. Those results are determined in minutes on-location. Positive tests are sent on to the lab for further testing to ensure the results are accurate.

It’s the blend of safety and fairness that those opposing marijuana drug testing in states where it has been legalized have been looking for. So far, the word on the street is that it’s only available in the United States and, possibly, Canada. However, plans are to expand the market to international levels in the not so distant future.

The Hound Cannabis Breathalyzer is going to be a game changer for employees and employers alike. And, we believe the final outlook is a big “Win-Win!”

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