Rangers split kidline in Game 3

The words are the same, but the meaning of the question is quite different. Now when you ask, “Where should the Rangers play Alexis La Frenière?” It’s which combination of forwards needs him most, as opposed to which combination can help him the most. About. It’s not a subtle difference.

Rangers would like to take the plunge to say that they measured hurricanes above 123:12 in Raleigh, NC, to a much greater extent than anyone could have imagined. The gap wasn’t as wide as it was in the regular season series. But it didn’t give them anything in the first two games of the second round playoff series. Sunda Afternoon Game 3 in the garden.

Hurricane’s abandoned the fewest goals in the league during the regular season. They allowed 11 goals 5-5 in 9 playoff games. They give almost nothing blue shirts, both in full strength and power play. Anti Lanta may have made a couple of challenging saves early in the second phase of Game 1.

Gerald Gallant isn’t usually a coach who shakes things just to shake things. Either way, no major changes are needed. ‘The wand didn’t get anything for free in the first two of their buildings (probably except for the short hand goal in Game 2). Carolina, who was 6-0 at home in the playoffs, was 0-3 in Boston in the first round.

Alexis La Frenière and Kaapo Kakko
Alexis La Frenière and Kaapo Kakko
AP; Corey Shipkin

Rangers can keep Mika Shibanejad’s line away from Carolina’s Nino Kneaderwriter-Jordan Stahl-Jesper Fast check unit.

Gallant uses the last change to match Zibanejad with Sebastian Aho or Vincent Trocheck. This freed No. 93, with few pucks in the attack zone and a total of eight shots at Lanta in the opening two games, but nothing particularly impressive.

The Vatrano match has leveled off in the past few weeks, as La Frenière took off in the wake of the Galant-given “rest” in the April 13 match in Philadelphia. Winger dramatically enhanced his game. He shows all the qualities that have been praised for leading to the 2020 draft draw. The playoffs brought out the best of him.

Lafreniere has created opportunities in search of pucks while playing with pace and chips on his shoulders and grinning on his face. There is no doubt about it. He is involved in every Scrum and initiates a significant proportion of conflicts. He is the man who happens to nudge the goalkeeper when the puck is frozen. He is a ranger who wants to take the last shot.

When healthy, the blue shirt has become the default Top 6 Crider-Jibanejad-Vatrano and Artemi Panalin-Ryanstrom-Andrew Cop since Game 65 of the regular season. In the playoffs, La Frenière and Kaapo Kakko supplemented the attack with the playoffs by Kidline, which is adjacent to Filip Chytil. This was the club’s most dynamic line in many of the tournaments.

However, Galant broke the line in the second half of the second period of the 2-0 defeat in Game 2 on Friday, flipping La Frenière and Copp. The coach moved the parentheses to the right of Jibanejad in the second half of the third. “It was the end of the kid line.

La Frenière played only one match with Panalin and Strom during the season, but during the season he played 25 matches with the Crider and Jibanejad, and played 20 games in a row in late January. If unleashing Jibanejad from Star isn’t enough to generate time in the attack zone, it’s probably where La Frenière is most needed.

And since Strom and Panalin are also struggling with possession time, it’s probably time to lift the cuckoo to their right side, remove the pack from the wall and work low behind the net. The game of Copp was minimized in the final stretch as the game of Vatrano leveled off. Maybe things are a little out of date. Panalin obviously needs help.

However, the challenges are: Wouldn’t Gallant almost eliminate the three scoring line approach if Lafreniere and Kakko were removed from the third line? Also, the only Rangers goal scorer in the series, Hitil, will remain naked on lines that may include, for example, Vatrano and Cop, or Cop and Tyler Mott.

Regardless of how Galan chose to staff, this would be a very difficult suggestion, but Rangers would need production from their top six to even pray. There is no way around it. If promoting Lafreniere and Kakko solves that problem, then at the expense of Chytil and Kid Line, you have your answer.

Rangers split kidline in Game 3

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