Rangers interested in Jack Eiker’s condition at an early meeting

The Rangers are becoming more interested in investigating Jack Eichel’s condition and are in preliminary discussions with Savers about his availability.The post comes from several sources, but I’m seriously interested in whether general manager Chris Drally is just doing due diligence. Savers’ fascinating center..

Blue shirt Linked to Aikel Since last summer, then GM Jeff Gorton has been in pre-draft talks with Buffalo’s counterpart Kevin Adams. Negotiations are believed to have broke down when Gorton refused to let go of the first overall choice that became Alexis La Frenière.

Eiker, who was diagnosed with a herniated disc in the neck, has just completed 12 weeks of rest and rehabilitation as prescribed by a Sabers team doctor. The next step is not clear, but the 24-year-old center may be ready for surgery to replace the disc with an artificial one. This type of surgery usually follows a recovery period of up to 3 months.

Savers is said to have not yet given permission to contact the club to access Eikel’s medical records. It is expected to involve late trade debates.

Sabers have left the lineup forever after 21 games of the season on March 7, and are looking for at least four pieces, the equivalent of the first round, in exchange for Aikel, who has five years left on the contract, according to sources. This comes with a cap of $ 10 million per year.

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The Rangers had a preliminary discussion with Savers about Jack Eichel’s availability.
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Wilds, ducks, Kings and Blue Jackets are believed to show an interest in Eiker. As summer progresses, they are not alone. However, it seems impractical for Sabers to win such a bounty unless they are willing to recoup a large sum of money in a deal from an acquisition team that bears all of Eikel’s health-related risks.

The Rangers probably have cap space to accommodate this season’s Aikel, without being forced to undergo a major reconstruction. However, the acquisition of Aikel almost certainly means a post-season withdrawal by incumbent front-line center Mika Jibanejad. Mika Jibanejad has a complete no-movement clause and is a year away from unlimited free agents.

Drury will officially begin extended negotiations with Zibanejad on July 28th. This corresponds to the traditional July 1st free agent date of the year. If the negotiations go nowhere, Jibanejad is probably suitable for accepting deals to clubs that are willing to give him a long-term extension at his price and duration. But probably not.

The fact is that Jibanejad will probably be able to direct longer and more lucrative deals in the open market than staying in New York. I have full control over this process..

If Drury knows he can’t hold Zibanejad, GM needs a frontline center starting from 2022-23. It seems unlikely that Florida’s Alexander Balkov will enter the open market next summer. Therefore, the acquisition of Aikel could represent an aggressive strike to fill the vacant seats created by the final Jibanejad asylum.

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Rangers Center Mikaji Banejad
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Eiker scored 137 goals, 200 assists and 337 points in 354 games in the first five years, averaging .39 goals per game, ahead of last year’s devastated season, which scored 18 points (2-16) in 21 games. Recorded .56 assists. Per and per .95 points. In the last three years, including 2020-21, which was affected by COVID, Jibanejad scored 95 goals, 104 assists and 199 points in 195 games, averaging .49 GPG, .53 APG and 1.02 PPG.

Character and leadership issues have been raised around Eiker, who spent his career following the second overall choice of the 2015 Door Awards, after Connor McDavid, the league’s most dysfunctional franchise. It was. Drury is certainly investigating those issues.

If the Rangers officially enter the Ikel Derby, Ryan Strome will be part of the reverse mix as he has a year left on his contract with a $ 4.5 million cap hit before an unlimited free agent. Guess.

Next, consider a combination of prospects likely to come from a pool featuring Vitali Kravtsov, Zac Jones, and Nils Lundkvist, and at least one upcoming first rounder. Savers may request / request capo brackets or candre mirrors, but it doesn’t seem to be a beginner.

Again, it’s unclear if Drury and Rangers are invested in Eichel and how much they are invested in. But they are asking a question.

Rangers interested in Jack Eiker’s condition at an early meeting

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