Rangers Alexander Georgiev makes a surprise start with Hurricane’s

Raleigh, NC — Alexander Georgiev did not aim for a blue shirt goal in Carolina’s three-game sweep when the Rangers faced a hurricane in a Toronto bubble in the 2020 qualifying round.

Georgiev had a great summer camp ahead of the qualifying, as did Igor Sheschokin, and so did Henrik Lundqvist in the last few hours of the three-goalkeeper’s hardship. Sheschokin would certainly have been nominated as a starter, but when he was injured in the groin at an exhibition for the islanders before the tournament, Lundkvist was called upon for each of the first two games.

After Sheschokin recovered, he got Game 3. Backed up by the first two defeats, Georgiev didn’t dress up for the reverberating Series Finale of Sound Dismissal throughout 2020-21.

On Friday night, Georgiev not only dressed in the Rangers against Carolina, but also won his first mission on the phone from the coaching partnership between Benoit Aller and Gerald Gallant.

Alexander Georgiev

The team’s No. 1 goalkeeper (very likely to be the NHL’s No. 1) is always surprised if he doesn’t get a quota in a confrontation with League Power, even if it’s the first in a row. is. As this was.

“Tonight’s George,” said head coach Galant, who repeatedly showed that he relied on goalkeeping instructor Aller to make goalkeeping decisions. “Don’t ask why.”

Need to say, it wasn’t a rhetorical issue. It was supposed to be taken literally. Gallant knows why, but doesn’t want to share his reason.

The Rangers (26-10-4) and Hurricane (26-8-2) temporary hegemony battles in the Metropolitan division are the first of two nights in a blue shirt facing the bottom at home on Saturday. is. -Dwelling coyote.

This is the fifth consecutive season in which both Sheschokin and Georgiev are on the active roster. In the first two times, Georgiev played the opener on the street and Sheschokin won the back ender in the garden. The third time, Sheschokin played on the street and Georgiev played at home. The fourth time, both in the garden, Sheschokin played the opener and Georgiev closed the set.

Therefore, there is no specific pattern. Is it possible that the Rangers are playing to make sure they aren’t worse than Split by saving Sheschokin for a night when his team may be tired? Perhaps, however, it seems to be against the spirit of the club.

You play the game in front of you. And certainly, this is what the Rangers expected as a Litmus test during another season of their competition with themselves.

“These are fun games,” said Galant of the Friday match, admitting he was excited about it. “Every day I say I don’t care who you get the two points from, which doesn’t matter, but we’re not facing this team and we’re almost together in the standings So it’s fun.

“It can be measured a bit, but it’s another game. But at the same time, if you look at the rankings, you’ll now see the top two teams in the division.”

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Alexander Georgiev
Georgiev replaced Sheschokin when she recovered from an inguinal injury.

Sheschokin defeats the Maple Leafs 6-3 on Wednesday to finish the active match. In this match, he abandoned three goals in the first period (leaving some free packs in front for the second chance). Minutes. Instead of playing on Friday, Sheschokin worked with Aller on optional morning skates.

Georgiev, on the other hand, has been superior since he replaced Sheschokin with a 1-0 victory over sharks in the third period of December 3 after the starter injured his groin. Georgiev has an ERA of .931 and an ERA of 2.06 in 11 games and 10 starts, and has achieved a save rate of .923 or more in 8 starts. However, Rangers are only 5-4-1 in these games.

Carolina is famous for playing wild-speed hockey at 200×85 while sending a bunch of shots to the net. Again, the shot counter can be a little generous. ‘The cane is the second in the NHL to Florida in an attempt around 60:00 and the fourth in a shot around 60:00. By the way, the Rangers are at the end of the NHL in a trial around 60:00 and next to the last in a shot around 60:00.

“There is no pressure to participate in this game. We are in the middle of the regular season. We want to play well,” said Gallant. “I match the team every time I see it. [lineups] In the morning, if we play well, we believe we are right with these teams, but we have to play well. ”

And get excellent goaltending.

Rangers Alexander Georgiev makes a surprise start with Hurricane’s

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