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Raleigh shooting victim Mary Marshall dies after saving dog

A bride was killed while trying to save her dog at a wedding last week. Mass shooting in North Carolinathe woman’s grieving fiancée revealed in an emotional television interview on Sunday.

A crying Robert Steele on NBC’s “today’s sundayHe spoke with his fiancé, Mary Marshall, shortly before she was murdered in Raleigh along with four others.

“She was like, ‘I want you to go home right now. Right now. On the nape of my neck, our dog slipped his collar and I heard a gunshot,'” he recalled.

After Marshall escapes, Steele arrives and finds detectives in the neighborhood.

“Then they started asking about the tattoo Mary had,” he said before shedding tears.

“We knew. We knew she was gone.”

Steele is now wearing the wedding ring Marshall had planned to give him when he recited his wedding vows two weeks later.

Mary Marshall was killed in a shooting in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Robert Steele
Marshall was engaged to marry Robert Steele.

“The imprint is ‘You are my favorite place,'” he said in an anguished voice.

“I love when she hugs me, and every time we hug like that, she whispers in my ear before we go to sleep, ‘You’re my favorite place.’

A grieving father, Thomas Marshall, struggled to contain his emotions as he explained his grief at not being able to take his daughter down the aisle.

“I was really looking forward to it. I couldn’t wait,” he said.

Mary’s sister, Megan McCricard, sobbed envisioning the ceremony.

“They’re walking down the aisle. Mother-daughter dancing. And Rob,” she said, unable to finish her thoughts.

A 15-year-old boy — identified by a local TV news station as Austin Thomson, brother of victim James Thompson, 16 — killed Marshall and others in a Thursday night riot and was killed by police. He is suspected of injuring two people, including

Raleigh Police officers go door-to-door to check on residents
A Raleigh Police officer goes door-to-door to check on residents after the shooting.
Travis Long/News & Observer/AP
Mary Marshall
Mary Marshall was one of five people killed in the shooting.
Facebook / Mary Marshall
Thomas Marshall
Father Thomas Marshall also told NBC.

The bloodshed began in a residential area northeast of the city’s downtown, after which the shooters ran to the nearby boardwalk to continue the massacre.

Authorities have not released a reason, but the teenage boy was tracked down and captured at his home hours later, where he is hospitalized in critical condition.

Prosecutors plan to indict the suspect as an adult, according to Wake County District Attorney Lorin Freeman.

with post wire Raleigh shooting victim Mary Marshall dies after saving dog

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