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Rachel Levin wants to extend Pride Month to ‘Summer of Pride’

Pride Month has been tougher than usual for Bud Light, Target and the Los Angeles Dodgers, but Commander Rachel Levin wants the LGBTQ celebrations to last all summer.

Admiral Levine, assistant secretary of health in the Biden administration and the first transgender official to win Senate approval, said in a video posted last week on the Department of Health and Human Services Instagram account that now is a “summer of pride.” announced that it was.

“Congratulations on Pride Month, and in fact, let’s declare this a Pride Summer,” said a transgender official, Admiral of the U.S. Public Health Service.

“Happy Summer of Pride. To take pride as a celebration of our LGBTQI+ community and to recognize how far we’ve come and how much we have left to do.” It’s very important,” she said.

departments are participating.

“Throughout the #pridemonth and beyond, HHS is committed to ensuring a healthier future for all in America, and all summer long we celebrate the Summer of Pride. . Let the #SummerOfPride begin!” the Ministry of Health revealed on Instagram.

Conservative pundits who spoke out after the Republican National Committee posted the video on social media on Monday were less enthusiastic about the idea.

“Admiral Rachel Levin declares Summer of Pride. Welcome to the Last Days of the Empire,” tweeted Ian Miles Chong.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk tweeted: One week was not enough. One month is not enough now. Their cultural conquest knows no bounds. “

The Twitchy team echoed, “Rachel Levin has declared this to be ‘Summer of Pride’ and is doing more for kids who proudly amputate their limbs.”

Admiral Levine, who allegedly transitioned from male to female in 2011, was also female-to-male transgender musician Ryan Cassata, now 29, who underwent a mastectomy, or “upper surgery,” at age 18. Discussed the procedure of sex reassignment.

Nineteen states have adopted laws and regulations restricting gender transition procedures for those under the age of 18, but Ryan Casata said some states have raised the age limit to 26.

“I know many states that ban gender-affirming care have a minimum age of 26, but that’s too long to wait,” Cassata said.

None of the states did that, but Admiral Levine nevertheless replied, “Yes.”

The figure was cited in a report released in March by the Williams Institute of Law School at UCLA School of Law, which said, “Several proposed bans in 2023 will reduce access to care for older youth. It will be restricted to the age of 26.”

Bills to raise the age limit to 26 were introduced in Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas, but none of them passed.

Opponents of gender reassignment drugs and surgery for people under 18 argue that minors are too young to make decisions about potentially irreversible medical procedures.

Admiral Levine argued that mental health and suicide prevention needed “gender-affirming care.”

“Let’s talk a little bit about the transgender health care that our community needs—transgender health care and gender-affirming care,” Levine said. “The words matter, even though adversaries are weaponizing them.”

Pride Month 2023 was marked by a cultural clash between the transgender movement and drag queens.

Thousands protest Dodgers’ decision to honor a group of drag queens who dress up as Catholic nuns and perform profane acts, Bud Light backlash for partnering with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney was hit by

Target has taken a financial hit with its Pride Month clothing line, which includes women’s swimwear tailored to the penis. Rachel Levin wants to extend Pride Month to ‘Summer of Pride’

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