Quentin Grimes of Knicks was loved by coaches as a “fierce competitor”

In front of the Knicks Acquires Cam Reddish From Hawks Kevin Knox Atlanta reportedly sought Quentin Grimes on Thursday’s protected first round pick.

But given how Tom Thibodeau enthusiastically talked about Grimes on Friday, it’s no wonder Knicks was willing to part with the rookie.

“I love Grimes. I love Grimes,” said Tibodo on Friday after practice. “”He is a fierce competitor, Can shoot the ball, defend multiple positions, he only gets better. Looking at his shot profile, it was great in college. That’s great for professionals. So that’s an important part of victory. Then how he protects people, his competitiveness, to see it stand out. “

Grimes has played 24 games this season, including two starts, averaging 4.9 points in 13.7 minutes and shooting 3 to 38.4%. However, Knicks’ recent COVID-19 and injury issues have opened the door for him to see more opportunities, and he is taking advantage of it.

Quentin Grimes
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In the last 10 games Knicks played 7-3, Grimes averaged 6.7 points, 2.1 rebounds and 1 steal in 21.1 minutes.

Redness doesn’t play right away because of an ankle sprain, but it’s still unclear if his arrival will drive someone out of rotation.

Tibodo admitted that it could happen, at least when Kemba Walker and Derrick Rose returned from the injury, but said he liked how the current rotation was done.

“The group I’m currently playing is playing well,” said Tibodo. “So we want to keep it going.”

Walker, who has missed the last seven games due to left knee pain, is “suspicious” of playing against the Hawks on Saturday, Tibodo said.

Before working on the acquisition of Reddish, Thibodeau confirmed that he would hand over the props to Knox. Knox’s disappointed Knicks’ tenure ended after more than three seasons.

“Kevin did a good job for us,” said Tibodo. “I have great respect for him, his professionalism, and how he treats me. Of course, I hope he goes well.”

Asked if former Duke teammates have contacted him since the decline of reddish trade — Zion Williamson joined them specifically to form the Big 3 of the 2018-2019 Blue Devils. —RJ Barrett smiled. “Home”, you probably want to avoid the whims of tampering.

Quentin Grimes of Knicks was loved by coaches as a “fierce competitor”

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