Qantas requires COVID-19 vaccine on international flights

There are no shots or services.

Australian Airlines Qantas said international travelers should be vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine when they are ready to be vaccinated, CEO Alan Joyce said.

“We need to figure out what COVID-19 will look like in the market, whether it’s needed domestically or not, but we think it’s necessary for foreign visitors and people leaving the country.” Joyce said in an interview on Monday. Australian news program “A Current Affair”.

According to Joyce, Australia’s largest airline plans to enshrine its mission, provided that international travelers need to be vaccinated before boarding Qantas.

According to Joyce, if health regulators around the world approve the vaccine, other airlines may impose similar requirements. He said the policy could be implemented by providing travelers with a digital “vaccination passport” that indicates which vaccine they received and whether it was “acceptable to the country you are traveling to”. ..

“I’m talking to colleagues from other airlines around the world, and I think it’s a totally common theme,” Joyce said in an interview. “… There’s a lot of logistics and technology needed to make this happen, but airlines and governments are working on it as we’re talking about.”

Joyce has unveiled plans for pharmaceutical companies to make significant strides towards the development of a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. This is considered the key to helping airlines and other beaten industries recover from a pandemic.

Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca all have experimental shots that are very effective, and if regulators clear them for emergency use, Pfizer candidates could be distributed in the United States by the end of December. It states.

Qantas requires COVID-19 vaccine on international flights

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