Punjab CM orders extension of Covid curb until July 10th

Chandigarh (Punjab) [India]June 29 (ANI): On Tuesday, Punjab Prime Minister Amarin Darsin extended coronavirus restrictions to July 10, including the opening of a bar, as the case of the Delta Plus variant of COVID-19 came to light. I ordered you to do it. From July 1st, a pub with 50% capacity.

Skills development centers and universities are also allowed to open on the condition that staff and students must be vaccinated at least once. According to a press release, IELTS coaching agencies were already allowed to open, provided that students and staff had been vaccinated at least once.

The Prime Minister announced mitigation at a high-level Covid review meeting that bars, pubs, and social distance protocols need to be strictly maintained, and waiters / servers / other employees are vaccinated at least once. The Covid vaccine revealed that it should be done. He made it clear that it was the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the conditions were met.

The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with the drop in positive rates to less than 1% and stated that positive rates in some districts were still above 1% as the number of cases of overall inactivity decreased. It was. In addition, he emphasized that the discovery of the Delta Plus variant was a concern and that continuing the curb was essential.

Monthly whole-genome sequencing shows that more than 90% are mutants of concern, effectively replacing the original virus with mutants, the Prime Minister said. Two cases (Ludhiana and Patiala) showed the Delta plus variant, but in May and June he pointed out that the Delta variant was the most common.

Of the 198 contacts of Ludhiana patients followed and tested, one was positive and a sample was submitted to the genomic sequence. On the other hand, in Patiala’s case, where the genome sequencing report was received on June 26, a trace / test process took place. It’s happening Chief Secretary Vini Mahajan revealed that genome sampling of 489 samples, including 276 sent in April, 100 in May, and 113 in June, is still pending at the Central Laboratory. She also revealed that a variant of Delta Plus was found in a sample sent by the state government in May. The results were recently provided by Center Labs.

Captain Amarinder, in collaboration with the international non-profit organization PATH, has urgently tracked the establishment of a whole-genome sequencing lab in GMCH Patiala and ordered it to be operational by July. He also ordered the enhancement of the genomic sequences of cases reported from clusters in limited geographic, institutional, or superspreading event areas to check for potential third wave spread.

Health Minister Balbir Sidhu suggested careful monitoring of visitors from countries reporting cases of the DeltaPlus variant.

Considering the preparation of what experts predicted as an imminent third way, the Prime Minister ordered the health education department to perform a scale-up test.

In addition, from the current 40,000 daily, contact tracing is currently 22 per positive person and over 15 per person. Emphasizing the need to continue Corona Mukto Pendu Abyan with all his might, he also led the organization of outreach camps, especially for testing in the village.

Regarding the steps taken to reduce the time required for testing, he expedited proposals from PATH and automatically processed data to support the automation of GMCH Patiala’s government labs on a pilot basis. I emphasized that you need to equip a barcode scan as well. Supplied to the system.

The Prime Minister said the Ministry of Health should continue to prioritize the Lok Sanjhedari model for ongoing campaigns to observe community ownership and Covid’s proper behavior. Health Minister Hussan Lal said in a previous brief presentation that the department has developed a comprehensive surveillance strategy to check for potential third wave drivers. These factors include behavioral changes after the second wave, seasonal changes, reinfection due to weakened immunity, and viral mutations.

The Prime Minister has urged the department to go beyond traditional micro-containment and containment strategies to address area-based (ward, village, block, town, city) calculated limits.

Captain Amarinder Singh asked the department to make appointments and posts at the earliest with 128 specialists recently selected by the KK Talwar Dr. Committee. He added that regular recruitment also needs to continue at all levels. The prime minister said 77 PSA plants were in the process of being set up to meet oxygen requirements in the event of a sudden surge. He added that the state also has over 6,700 oxygen concentrators.

OP Soni, Minister of Medical Education and Research, said 80% of the preparation needed to tackle the third wave has already been completed at the state’s government medical college.

Dr. Talwar said it was very difficult to predict the third wave due to mutations, and DeltaPlus variants have already been reported in 12 countries and 52 cases in Maharashtra. He called close attention and said he needed to see how the mutants behaved. At present, he said, existing vaccines have shown efficacy against current variants.

Regarding black fungus (Mucorosis), the Prime Minister said the number of cases in Punjab is much lower than in most other states, including Haryana and Delhi. However, the prime minister said it was a pity that 51 people were killed by black bacteria in the state. (ANI)

Punjab CM orders extension of Covid curb until July 10th

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