PSEG Long Island had computer problems weeks before the tropical cyclone Isayas struck – CBS New York

New Hyde Park, NY (CBSNewYork) — Tropical Cyclone Isayas struck the tri-state area in August. One million Long Island customers have lost power. Their phone and text to PSEG Long Island have been lost.

Instead, the utility made a false promise to restore.

In a bitter report released Tuesday, the Task Force said it could have prevented a failed response before the Sunday storm blew in, Jennifer Macrogan of CBS2 reported.

More: According to the report, the PSEG Long Island computer system was a “significant cause” for customers during tropical cyclones Isayas.

The block in New Hyde Park went out of power on Sunday night when a huge storm blew in and knocked down trees.

“All the wires were falling down the street. These are all live lines,” said homeowner Jim Galliardi.

“It’s hanging on a wire, and when I called yesterday, they said they would send someone. No one has come yet,” said homeowner Bernie Young.

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Hot seat PSEG Long Island again. A bitter report by the LIPA Task Force claimed that utilities learned of a computer problem a few weeks before the tropical cyclone Isayas struck in August, but New Jersey’s parent company curtailed Long Island’s fix. Did.

“Their computer system doesn’t work. Their phone system doesn’t work. At this time, there is no way to manage the outage other than placing a pin on the map on the wall,” said Senator Todd Kaminsky. I am.

That’s after a $ 30 million investment, Kaminsky said.

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The report alleges mismanagement, outage system failures before Isayas hits, voice communication failures, and false recovery promises that mislead the general public.

“This is illegal. It’s wrong and should have an impact,” said TJ Trzcinski, a resident of New Hyde Park.

According to the report, LIPA has two options. Either terminate the PSEG contract before it expires in 2025, or request a fix for the issue and renegotiate.

“It’s a weird structure. It doesn’t exist anywhere in a country that relies on an outside contractor to do its job,” said Matthew Cordero, LIPA’s trustee.

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When asked if it would be cheaper not to use an outside contractor, Cordero said, “It’s pretty cheap and the payer will benefit.”

The utility provided the following statement:

“We recognize that PSEG Long Island did not work well during and after the tropical cyclone Isayas. We are working to improve the future performance of the people of Long Island. is.”

Macrogan found one positive voice about Sunday’s storm.

“In the past, I can tell you, I’ve been making major complaints about PSEG, but I can’t give them enough credit for this particular situation,” said Housing. The owner, Gary Wozniak, said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would also investigate the state’s public service hall.

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PSEG Long Island had computer problems weeks before the tropical cyclone Isayas struck – CBS New York

Source link PSEG Long Island had computer problems weeks before the tropical cyclone Isayas struck – CBS New York

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