Proceedings: CBP has detained dozens of minors for several days in the last two months

November 24th – A new proceeding filed by a non-profit law firm has been filed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for more than 72 hours, some 18 days, in the last two months at a southern border facility, with dozens of immigrants, including babies. He has been accused of detaining his child. ..

A lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court for the State of California on Monday accused CBP of detaining 35 children for more than 72 hours last month alone. 10 months old.

In September, 36 children were detained longer than the legal three days, including one-month-old babies who were detained for more than 16 and a half days.

One of the detained minors, a 15-year-old minor detained by the Weslaco Border Guard earlier this month, was detained in a small room with 30 other minors and said, “Therefore, I sat down. I was forced to sleep in a posture. There are many people in the room. ”

Court documents also accuse CBP of failing to provide information showing that it complies with COVID-19 requirements, but details from testimony that minors are not properly protected from pandemics. ..

“I was given one disposable face mask, so I have to use the same face mask every day,” said the 15-year-old boy. “Since arrival, no hand sanitizers have been provided. Gloves have not been provided. No soap for hand washing is available.”

An eight-year-old boy at the same station, away from his sick mother, said he didn’t know why he was left alone.

According to the proceedings, “my mother is somewhere,” he said. “I think I’m hospitalized because I have a backache. I couldn’t talk because I was ill. I was told I couldn’t leave until I came here.”

He also reported that there was no soap to wash his hands, only a face mask was given, and there was no social distance.

“When we are in line, we sit and stand nearby,” he said. “I think a lot of people here get sick with COVID. It scares me.”

The proceedings state that US Attorney General William Barr and a defendant appointed as the United States “resolutely refused” to clarify why the children were detained.

A letter from CNN, signed by Congressman Hoakin Castro, to Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, states that custody of children in CBP for a “long term” applies child welfare protection to immigrant minors. He said he violated the 1997 Flores Settlement Agreement. Other laws require unaccompanied minors to be transferred to a refugee resettlement juvenile coordinator within 74 hours, and all detainees usually make every effort to be discharged as soon as possible. , Should not be tied longer than this time frame.

“We demand an immediate explanation of these long-term detentions, DHS will comply with the law, promptly place unaccompanied children to the Refugee Resettlement Administration, or parole children and their families inside. I request that you place it in, “the letter said.

Proceedings: CBP has detained dozens of minors for several days in the last two months

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