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Princess Diana’s jumper expected to fetch up to £70,000

Jumper worn by Princess Diana wales It is expected to fetch up to £70,000 at auction.

Famous red and white ‘black sheep’ sweater, missing for decades, goes up for auction at Sotheby’s for the first time new york September 7th.

Princess Diana first wore this black and white sheep wool jumper to her fiancé, then-The Prince of Wales, at a polo match in June 1981.

It was one of the first pieces designed by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne for knitwear label Warm & Wonderful, and brought their brand to the public’s attention.

they said: “Surprisingly, the first time I learned that Mrs. Diana Spencer was wearing the sweater was when I saw her on the front page of the Sunday paper.

“Her influence made a huge impact right after that, leading to a surge in sales and a rise in public awareness for our small label, for which we will be forever grateful.”

A few weeks after their first appearance, the pair received an official letter from Buckingham Palace The sweater was damaged and I asked for it to be repaired or replaced.

They knit a new sweater for the deceased princess, but the original remains untouched until March of this year when it was rediscovered in the attic, hidden in a small box next to a cotton bedspread. The whereabouts of the sweater remained unknown.

Warm & Wonderful discontinued the Black Sheep style in 1994, but has returned in 2020 as a collaboration with rowing blazer brand.

actress Emma Corrin She wore a replica of this sweater in 2020 when she played the role of Diana in season 4 of Netflix’s The Crown.

Meanwhile, a sweater with the same design is part of the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Sotheby’s is offering the original sweater as part of its first-ever Fashion Icon sale during New York Fashion Week from August 31 to September 13.

The auction house holds the record for the most expensive Princess Diana dress ever sold. It’s an eggplant ball dress that sold for $604,800 (about £474,870) in January 2023.

He also sold Princess Diana’s Atalacross. Kim Kardashian It sold for £163,800 at the Royal and Noble Auction in London in January.

Cynthia Houlton, Global Head of Fashion and Accessories at Sotheby’s, said of the jumper, “This meticulously preserved and exceptional piece of clothing showcases Princess Diana’s grace, glamor and her keen eye for fashion. It’s observant,” he said. Princess Diana’s jumper expected to fetch up to £70,000

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