Prince Andrew ‘stopped extradition of Harry Dunn’s ‘murderer” by refusing to take U.S. investigator’s quiz

Prince Andrew’s refusal to be questioned by U.S. investigators directly prevented the extradition of Harry Dunn’s murder suspect, a new book claims.

officials wanted to hear Andrew, 62, on his connection to fellow billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.


Prince Andrew’s refusal to answer US investigator’s questions led directly to blocking extradition of Harry Dunne’s ‘murderer’, shocking book claims


Harry Dunn died in a car accident allegedly caused by the wife of a CIA spy who claimed diplomatic immunity, Anne Sacoulas.Credit: P.A.

His “zero co-operation” means that the United States is the wife of a CIA spy, former Anne Sacoulas –New York Prosecutor Jeffrey Berman claims.

Sakulas, 45, has been accused of causing the death of 19-year-old motorcyclist Harry by driving dangerously outside Northant’s RAF Crawton.

she had diplomatic immunity I left the UK after the crash of 2019.

she finally appearing in court Three years late, via a video link from her attorney’s office in the United States last week.

Berman now believes that Prince Andrew’s standoff playing cards government.

His explanation is the first time he has publicly revealed how Andrew’s position had a significant impact on Harry’s case.

And in his new memoir, Holding The Line, Berman explores how the then-U.S. Attorney General bill barr After publicly denouncing Andrew’s “zero cooperation,” I got a call to congratulate him.

Berman recalls:

The Sun revealed in 2020 that U.S. prosecutors later submitted a formal mutual legal assistance request to the Department of the Interior asking Andrew to be questioned.

Demand “didn’t go anywhere,” Berman said in his book.

he wrote: I think someone was. ”

Prince Andrew apparently knew Epstein and Maxwell.

“He was on an island. He was in a mansion in New York.

“He was in London with them.

“We asked him many questions, and as of the day I was fired, those questions have not been answered.” Prince Andrew ‘stopped extradition of Harry Dunn’s ‘murderer” by refusing to take U.S. investigator’s quiz

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