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Pride March 2023, New York City – watch on demand at ABC 7 New York

New York (WABC) — See ABC 7 New York’s coverage of New York City’s 53rd Annual Pride March here.

The NYC Pride March broadcast special, co-hosted by Angelica Ross, returns for the seventh year in a row on ABC 7.

Check out our coverage here or on YouTube

The march began on 25th and 5th Avenues. Marchers marched south on Fifth Avenue and then west on Eighth Avenue. After crossing 6th Avenue, the march passed through Stonewall National Monument and continued up Christopher Street. It turns north at 7th Avenue and passes the New York City AIDS Memorial before ending at Chelsea’s 16th and 7th Avenues.

Over 75% of all marching groups are nonprofits, and over half of all marching groups attend for free.

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June has been an important month for the LGBTQ+ rights movement since New York City’s first Pride March (then called “Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day”) took place on June 28, 1970. It’s becoming

The event marked a defiance of the 1969 uprising at the Stonewall Inn in New York City the previous year. After police raided a gay bar, a mob, led in part by trans women of color, confronted authorities in anger. This has sparked a global movement for LGBTQ+ rights.

For more than half a century, the annual march has served as both a public celebration and an opportunity to demand action on specific issues such as the AIDS epidemic and same-sex marriage.

The Month of Pride and Celebration comes at a time of deep concern over the rise of hate speech and new regulations affecting communities.

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“With more than 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills proposed this year alone, the year is only half over,” said NYC Pride Co-Chair Sue Doster.

The theme of the 2023 New York City Pride March was “The Strength of Solidarity.”

“It was very important for us to emphasize the importance of solidarity and the importance of standing up for people who may not be able to stand up for themselves,” Doster said.

we are your home new york city pride march Sunday 25th June. From noon to 3 p.m., watch wherever Channel 7 and ABC7NY are streamed. Join us for a special on Saturday, June 24th. We bring you an inspiring story about pride.

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