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President Trump Invites Michigan Republican Leader to White House

Neither Sharkey nor Chatfield have shown that they are not trying to overturn Biden’s victory.

“Michigan law does not include provisions for Congress to directly select electors or to award electors to anyone other than the one with the most votes,” a Sharkey spokeswoman said last week. Stated.

Also on Thursday, state officials wanted to return to their original stance that two Republicans who approved Biden’s local landslide refused to congratulate the polls, after which Michigan’s largest county was elected. Said that the proof of was irrevocable.

Republican efforts to reposition represent another complexity of what is usually a daily routine. Two Republican campaigners in Wayne County, Monica Palmer and William Hartman, said after “hours of sustained pressure” and after getting a promise to investigate their concerns about the election. He said he only voted to prove the results.

In a statement on Wednesday night, they said, “We are of better value than being forced to accept the consequences achieved by threats of intimidation, deception and violence, but more importantly, the United States. People are of better value. ” “Wayne County voters need to be completely confident in this process.”

State officials said the certification of votes in the Detroit region was valid. Michigan’s chief election officer said post-election audits would take place rather than checking fraudulent “mythical claims.”

“There is no legal mechanism for them to revoke their votes. Their work is complete and the next step in the process is the state campaign committee,” said Michigan Secretary of State spokeswoman Tracy Wimmer. It’s about meeting and certifying. ” ..

The four state committees, scheduled to meet on Monday, are divided into two Democrats and two Republicans. This is the same structure as the Wayne County Commission.

Trump’s campaign states that the latest About Face by Palmer and Hartman is legal. He withdrew a federal proceeding disputing the results in the Detroit region and attached an affidavit from the pair.

Palmer and Hartman first voted against the certification on Tuesday, leaving the county campaign committee stuck 2-2 in line with party policy. Palmer complained that certain Detroit districts were out of balance, that is, the absentee ballot book did not match the number of votes cast.

“This does not indicate that the vote was improperly done or counted,” Secretary of State Joslyn Benson said.

The Republican move has infused partisan politics into the unannounced commission’s work, which is to be immediately criticized by the public and confirm the will of voters. Those familiar with the matter told AP that Trump contacted Palmer and Hartman on Tuesday night and thanked them for their support.

In a statement, the pair reported that it was the target of the threat and reported it to law enforcement agencies.

In a text message to the Detroit Free Press, Mr. Trump referred to the practice of publicly disclosing someone’s personal information, “after seeing and hearing about threats and docking, I confirmed that I was safe. Was. “

According to informal results, Biden crushed Wayne County’s Trump by more than 2: 1 to beat Michigan with 153,000 votes. His victory overturned Trump’s 2016 interests in the Midwestern industry and led Democrats to achieve the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House.

The county campaigners later voted again, proving the results 4-0. Then on Wednesday, Palmer and Hartman signed an affidavit that they believed the vote should not be certified.

Democratic canceller Jonathan Kinlock hears passion when Zoom’s audience is allowed to speak after a 2 to 2 tie and before a unanimous vote at a stormy night meeting on Tuesday. Said that.

“I’ve heard that people are basically very willing to show their anger, but that always happens,” Kinlock said. “This was a very important conference for the city and county and affected many people.”

Democrat Benson said post-election audits will take place in Wayne County and other communities with “serious errors.”

“Audits are not designed to address or respond to false or mythical claims of’irregularity’that are not really grounded,” she said. ..

There is no evidence of fraudulent voting in Michigan or any other state. Federal and state officials from both parties have declared the 2020 elections safe and secure. However, Trump and his allies have spent two weeks filing false allegations of fraud and refusing to make concessions to Biden.


Egart reported from Lansing and Miller in Washington.

President Trump Invites Michigan Republican Leader to White House

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