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Portland’s “autonomous zone” was dismantled after the mayor apologized

After the Mayor of Portland mediated the deal with the protesters, the booby-trapped “autonomous zone” fenced in Oregon was finally dismantled and apologized to them.

Twitter handles for those who led the protests at the “Red House in Mississippi” began to seek help from their “companies.” “Please take down these barricades” Sunday night.

“Our work is not invisible!” Include Protesters tweetedWelcome the arrangement between the city and Kinney. Kinney is a black family whose eviction caused a three-block barricade covered with antifa and anti-cop graffiti.

“The mayor promised the Kinneys not to attack the Red House until the barricade was removed by Monday night,” the group said.

An “autonomous region” was set up on Tuesday, but opposition parties have protested over the past three months.

According to The Oregonian, most barricades were gone by the end of Sunday.

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office confirmed that the deal was closed, although it was not clear if the house had been sold back to Kinney. If.

However, according to a letter shared with The Oregonian, Wheeler “apologizes” for his own previous tweet that allowed police to “use all legitimate means to end the illegal occupation.” I wrote a letter to my family.

“We didn’t intend to get the attention that would pose a threat of harm or violence to your family or increase tensions in our community,” he wrote to his family.

“No one should be exposed to this kind of stress or harm. We apologize for the role our tweets played in this.”

In a statement, Wheeler said he hopes to be “optimistic” and “take the next step in promoting family safety and well-being, and the safety of the neighborhood.”

Activist Mac Smiff called it a clear “victory” for protesters who clashed violently with police last week as authorities tried to regain their homes.

“This is a whole new level of progress, and its impact will resonate across the country,” Smiff told The Oregonian.

“This is different from what we’ve seen before. It’s negotiation and victory, which is something we’re not used to.”

The current owner has offered to sell the house back to Kinney for $ 260,000 paid for the sale of the foreclosure and $ 20,000 since then.

So far, the offer seems to have been unacceptable, even though more than $ 309,000 has been raised for the family.

Portland’s “autonomous zone” was dismantled after the mayor apologized

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