Popular Minecraft YouTuber techno blade dies of cancer at age 23

Technoblade, a popular Minecraft YouTuber with over 12.4 million subscribers, died after a year of fighting cancer, his family said in a video posted on the YouTube channel Thursday. He was 23 years old.

“Hello everyone. I’m techno blade. If you’re looking at this, I’m dead,” said a beloved social media influencer in a farewell note read by his father.

“If I live another 100 lives, I would choose to be a techno blade every time, because they were the happiest years of my life,” he added. Alex also revealed.

“I hope you enjoyed my content and I made some of you laugh. And I wish you all the best and best of luck. I love you. Because there is a techno blade out, “he said.

The video titled “Very Long Geek” was uploaded to his YouTube account on Thursday night and quickly became a hot topic. By Saturday morning, it had been watched nearly 41 million times.

According to his father, Technoblade wrote a farewell message from his bed and died shortly after finishing it.

“I don’t think he said everything he wanted to say, but I think he understood the point,” he said after finishing it, “he’s done. Then he lived for another eight hours. . “

Technoblade was “the most amazing kid anyone could ask for,” his father added in tears.

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In a statement signed by “Mom of Techno,” Technoblade “worked hard to avoid personal fame and keep his true identity secret. I want to protect his privacy and the privacy of his family. I want you to continue to respect his wish. “

Technoblade first revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer video Uploaded to his channel in August 2021.

He was diagnosed with sarcoma, a type of cancer that grows in the connective tissue of the body. According to the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA), it accounts for about 20% of all childhood cancers, although it is rare in adults.

According to his mother, even in this difficult past year, when he fought stage 4 cancer, Technoblade “doesn’t complain, using his famous strategic spirit, he knows. I kept trying to defeat being. My son’s courage on this road was a glorious lesson for all of us who were privileged to walk with him, “she said.

He also used his position to raise awareness about sarcomas and for money for cancer research.

“His generosity and selflessness became apparent when he was able to bring together fans and followers to raise more than $ 500,000 for SFA so far,” the Foundation said in a statement. Technoblade added, “We will be honored with the Courage Award at the 20th Annual Stand.” Until the sarcoma gala in New York City on September 28, 2022. “

Minecraft also praised his life in a tweet, saying, “It has made a great contribution to our community and brought a lot of joy,” and “he will be truly missed.”

Popular Minecraft YouTuber techno blade dies of cancer at age 23

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