“Policeman” creator John Langley dies during off-road race in Mexico

John Langley, who had dominated reality television for 30 years with the long-standing television series “Policeman,” died of an apparent heart attack during an off-road race in Mexico.

According to family spokeswoman Pam Gollum, Langley died Saturday in Baja, Mexico, competing for a coast-to-coast Ensenada-San Felipe 250.

The television director, writer, and producer, who debuted in March 1989 and is best known for creating law enforcement reality series that aired over 32 seasons, was 78 years old.

The 33rd season premiere of “Police Officers” was a show after police tracked suspects across the country, often with barbaric pursuits and unusual situations. Postponed first Due to concerns related to the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year.

John Langley created the show "Policeman," There were more than 1,000 episodes.
John Langley has created the show “Police Officer,” which broadcasts more than 1,000 episodes.
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Later Paramount Network I completely canceled the seriesHowever, some versions of the show are still airing internationally syndicated.

Originally from Oklahoma City, Langley grew up in Los Angeles and served in the United States Army in the early 1960s. He later created a “policeman” and eventually solidified his position as a “pioneer” on reality TV. His biography at Langley Productions..

“Langley is well known for its innovative’Video Verite’signing style in the award-winning COPS program,” the site reads. “Camera technology at the time, as is now commonplace, had a particular impact on television advertising, news coverage, and other networks and syndicated shows.”

John Langley described himself as: "Essentially a kind of anarchist."
John Langley described himself as “essentially a kind of anarchist.”
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“Policeman” has broadcast over 1,000 episodes and is one of the longest-running television shows in history, earning several acclaims, including the American Television Awards and four Emmy Awards, according to the site. Did. The show’s reggae theme song “Bad Boys” also permeated pop culture throughout its execution.

Langley started entertainment as a screenwriter and then worked as a spokesperson before moving on to the film. He wrote and co-directed the 1983 documentary “Cocaine Blues” and in 1999 directed the movie “Dog Watch” starring Paul Solvino. He then worked with actors Richard Gere and Don Cheadle to make the 2009 movie “Brooklyn’s Finest.”

Away from the screen, Langley, who lived with his wife in Los Angeles, founded a winery in Argentina and was a passionate off-road racer. According to Gollum, he died in one of these tournaments on Saturday.

In 2009 and 2010, Langley’s team, COPS Racing, ranked first in its class at the Baja 1000, an annual off-road motorsport event in Baja California.

Langley, according to his career, raced in a team with his sons Zack and Morgan. He has survived with two sons, two daughters, Sarah Langley Deuce and Jennifer Blair, and his wife Maggie and seven grandchildren.

Morgan Langley, who oversees Langley Productions, is an executive producer of “Cops”. According to varietyMentioned an interview in 2009 about how John Langley guessed the simple program name that continued to dominate reality TV.

John Langley grew up in Los Angeles and served in the United States Army.
John Langley grew up in Los Angeles and served in the United States Army.
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“I’m essentially an anarchist,” said John Langley. Told the TV Academy.. “If you told me I was going to do a show about police officers, I would have said,’What am I going to call it, a pig?’

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“Policeman” creator John Langley dies during off-road race in Mexico

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