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Police suspect hoax after University of Oklahoma shooting

The University of Oklahoma’s Norman campus was put on lockdown Friday after at least one caller reported an active shooter, but no evidence of the shooting was found, raising suspicions it may be a hoax. .

The incident began around 9:24 p.m. Friday when the university sent out an emergency alert to students warning of an “active shooter” at Van Vleet Oval, a street in the center of the Norman campus.

“OU-Norman Emergency: Van Vleet Oval has an active shooter. Take action now. Run. Hide. Fight!” said the first warning. In a subsequent update, the university changed the description to “potential shooting.”

A spokesperson for the university said police had received multiple calls that a shot had been fired on campus, possibly at or near a library, but officers found no evidence of a shooting after more than an hour of searching. Could not be located.

“OUPD has issued an ALL CLEAR. After a thorough investigation, no threats were found. No threats to campus. Alert canceled,” the university said in an update at 10:53 p.m. was

Police are investigating the possibility that it was an instance of swatting where someone called 911 and reported false information in order to lure police to a particular location. Many US schools have been targeted by swatting calls.

Last week alone, police responded to at least 220 schools across the country after fake calls.

Swatting calls are very dangerous.In one famous case, his 28-year-old man from Kansas shot dead by police After someone called 911, claiming a family member was being held hostage in the house. Police suspect hoax after University of Oklahoma shooting

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