Police deadly shoot a man firing from New York Cathedral

December 13 – On Sunday, Manhattan police shot and killed an armed man who fired from the stairs of St. John’s Cathedral, where a crowd was formed for a children’s Christmas concert.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea joins reporters Press conference The concert on the steps of the cathedral ended around 3:45 pm when the shooters began firing.

The Commissioner said three nearby police officers had beaten and once struck a shooter trying to hide behind a marble pillar near a large church door. ..

Police fired 15 bullets while the suspect fired multiple rounds during the exchange, Shea said.

“It’s the grace of God today that we don’t attack anyone,” she explained to the three police officers who acted “heroically.”

No motivation was given, but witnesses told investigators that the suspect yelled at the police to kill him, Shea said. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine said the suspect was firing into the air.

Two semi-automatic pistols and a bag, allegedly brought by the suspect, containing petrol cans, ropes, wires, multiple knives, the Bible, and tape were recovered from the scene.

“I think we can all guess the malicious intent of bag revenue,” Shea said.

Police did not reveal the suspect’s identity, but said he had a long criminal record.

St. John’s Cathedral was confirmed at statement No one attended the Carroll event was injured and thanked the actions of the first responders.

“It’s horrifying that this shocking violence has cut off the long-awaited song and the choir’s gifts to New York City on a unity afternoon,” the church said. “We will stay together and serve as a safe place for prayer, meditation and celebration during the next holiday season.”

Police deadly shoot a man firing from New York Cathedral

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