Police: A man with a gun was arrested at the “Justice for J6” rally

Police in the US Capitol say a man with a pistol was arrested on Saturday at a “Justice for J6” rally near the Capitol.

The USCP tweeted that someone at the rally said to police officers at around 1:30 pm, “I found something that looked like a pistol to men in the crowd.” He was arrested and police later determined that he actually had a gun.

Officials said it was “unclear” why the man attended a rally in Union Square, west of the Capitol grounds. Beginning at noon and ending at around 1:15 pm, authorities estimated that there were approximately 400 to 450 people in the rally, including attendees and the press.

The arrest was one of four reported by the USCP at noon on Saturday.

At around 12:45 pm, the USCP stated that it had arrested a man with a knife and charged him with a weapons violation. Police did not identify where the man was arrested.

Prior to that, the USCP reportedly stopped vehicles along Louisiana Avenue in the morning and arrested the two on a felony expulsion warrant from Texas.

At around 7:15 am, USCP enforced law as a special officer at a Saturday rally in support of detainees on January 6, who filed allegations of harsh treatment by prison officials and denial of their right to a speedy trial. Acted for the institution.

Authorities were able to represent officers from local, state, and federal law enforcement partners through an emergency declaration.

A USCP spokesperson told The Washington Times in an email that government agencies were unable to disclose new numbers. Proxy Special officer for “security reasons”.

At a press conference on Friday, police said both Parliament police and the Metropolitan Police Department were fully activated for the rally, with 100 unarmed DC National Guards awaiting.

In the days leading up to the rally, police rebuilt the fence around the Capitol and the US Supreme Court. In addition, we installed surveillance cameras around the meeting place and put up a “No Gun Zone” sign.

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Police: A man with a gun was arrested at the “Justice for J6” rally

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