Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters: Donald Trump “makes it acceptable” to be a racist

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters opposes President Trump in an interview released Friday to allow Americans to be racist while at the White House. He said he did almost nothing but do.

Talking to Rolling Stone, a British-born musician and activist also expressed support for police atrocities and organized racism protests across the United States this year.

Waters, 77, also said in an interview that he recently decided that nonviolence might not be the way to deal with the government, which said it was doing the exact opposite.

Former Pink Floyd singer, bassist and songwriter commented in a video interview earlier this week for Rolling Stone’s “Useful Idiot” podcast and later uploaded it online.

Waters, who now lives in the Hamptons, New York, recalled seeing “miles, miles, and miles” of presidential supporters on a pickup truck covered with Trump, police, and Confederate flags.

“So, if there’s one thing Trump has done, apart from being a bahun and making everyone laugh, he’s allowed to be a racist, a supremeist, and a good pick-up truck. It never disappeared, “said Waters.

Mr Waters said he had discussed the Black Lives Matter activist movement and recent national protests under its name and hoped that it would “soften” enough to continue for some time.

“I noticed in the middle of this-and it’s not in the middle, we’re just the beginning of this series of protests-that we shouldn’t try to be non-violent about this,” Waters said. I added.

Protesters protesting against the US government and demonstrating to reform police are “fighting the most violent monsters they have ever experienced,” he said.

“This is the most violent country in the world. Not only does it have more guns than people, but it’s pretty weird, but it’s because we’re used to people,” Waters said.

Waters co-founded Pink Floyd in 1965 and wrote some of the group’s most famous sources before leaving the band 20 years later. He is still playing and recording as a solo activity, and he planned to tour the United States this summer before the ongoing new coronavirus pandemic virtually stopped the entire live music industry.

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Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters: Donald Trump “makes it acceptable” to be a racist

Source link Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters: Donald Trump “makes it acceptable” to be a racist

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