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Philadelphia Fire: Nagaya Fires in Fairmount District, killing 12 people, including 8 children

Philadelphia-Wednesday morning, a fire broke out in a Nagaya in Philadelphia, killing at least 12 people, eight of whom were children, officials said.

City officials revised the death toll on Wednesday night after the Philadelphia Fire Department reported that 13 people, including the first seven children, had died during the recovery process.

Two others, including one child, were seriously injured and taken to the hospital. At least eight people were able to evacuate themselves.

Firefighters were able to rescue a child from the building, but the child did not survive, officials said.

“It was terrible,” Deputy Fire Commissioner Craig Murphy said at a press conference. “I’ve been around for 35 years and this was probably one of the worst fires I’ve ever had.”

The Philadelphia Fire Department’s fire department is leading the investigation into the cause of the fire. According to sources, the sister station WPVI is investigating the possibility of a fire occurring after the child started a Christmas tree fire.

“This is arguably the most tragic day in the history of our city,” Mayor Jim Kenney said in a press conference. “The loss of so many children is just catastrophic.”

According to the department, the fire started on the second floor of a three-story Nagaya around the kitchen.

About 26 people lived in the building, which was divided into two duplex units. According to Murphy, the unit between the 1st and 2nd floors has 8 people, and the unit between the 2nd and 3rd floors has 18 people. is.

Fire officials arrived at the fire site shortly before 6:40 am and said the fire was controlled 50 minutes later.

The building was run by the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

According to the city’s housing authorities, the building was equipped with six smoke detectors last May. Philadelphia Housing Corporation Dinesh Indala’s Vice President of Housing Business told reporters that an inspector of the Housing Corporation visited the building on May 5, last year, inconsistent with what the fire authorities said on Wednesday. ..

According to fire authorities, the building had four battery-powered smoke detectors, none of which were working. According to fire authorities, inspections were conducted to install four smoke detectors in 2019, and the latest inspections were conducted in 2020 when two more smoke detectors were installed.

“I don’t know if they were replaced or tampered with. We don’t know,” Indara said.

Mr Indara said PHA was unaware that 26 people lived there.

“We are completely shocked. Everyone is mourning the loss. We are just trying to find someone there and we are currently working with family and authorities,” he said. Said.

ABC News’s Aaron Katersky and Will McDuffie contributed to this report.

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Philadelphia Fire: Nagaya Fires in Fairmount District, killing 12 people, including 8 children

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