Pete Alonso’s Big Mets Night Includes a New “Home Run Horse”

Aside from that, Donnie Stephenson. A home run may beat you.

Pete Alonso, who had a stuffed pony in the Mets dugout, returned home twice. This is a much better performance than it was with Stevenson. Fictitious batter coach, Recently came to Citi Field.

“The home run finally came here in the second half,” Alonso joked after the two home runs. Helped the Mets blank the Blue Jays, 3-0, In Citi Field on Friday night.

Alonso said the idea for a horse with a hat and Mets warm-up jacket on its torso came from current batter coach Hugh Quattlebaum. It was in the bargain for the first time on Friday.

Earlier this year, after the Mets got out of the slump, players began to casually refer to a new batting approach coach named “Donnie Stevenson.” Initially, it was reported that Alonso was dressed as a fictional character to unleash his teammates. Later, players began wearing “Donnie Stephenson” T-shirts, which show a bulging man wearing a headband and sunglasses. More recently, a character believed to be played by actor Brett Azar has appeared in several Mets games, and Alonso took pictures with him. But Stevenson has been hiding since the last match before the All-Star Break. The home run horse may have changed.

Pete Alonso celebrates his second home run with a stuffed animal in the eighth inning on Friday night.

“The horse was in the dugout and I hit two home runs,” Alonso said when asked if he was lucky. “I see, I think it’s working for now.”

After Alonso’s second home run, a spectacular 450-foot shot to the second deck in the left-centered field in the eighth, he sprinted up and down, blessed by his teammates, to dug out the horse. Then he put it down and petted the mane several times.

“I don’t know who came up with it. When I saw the end of the dugout in the middle of the game, I was once surprised. I was completely unaware that it was happening,” said the manager. Luis Rojas said. “But these guys are having fun. They do different things. Not surprisingly, it was like when I saw it.”

For now, Mets calls it a home run horse. However, Alonso accepts some creative options.

“Fans, what do you do,” he said. “Listen to some suggestions.”

Pete Alonso’s Big Mets Night Includes a New “Home Run Horse”

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