Perfect Birthday Gifts for Casino Fans

Birthday gifts are always personal, but it takes an enormous amount of creativity to come up with a perfect gift every time. Casino fans are especially hard to please as their tastes are usually specific.

For all those looking for birthday gift ideas for casino fans, here are the best casino-themed items that are easy to get.

A Vintage Slot Machine

The list of birthday presents for casino fans before you entail a variety of peculiar gifts excluding the usual items such as a deck of cards or a mug. Instead, we focus on items they would love to have but would never think of buying somewhere. One such thing is an original vintage one-armed bandit.

If your friend loves playing games at casinos, there’s a chance they’ve already tried slots (or online slots). Regardless of their preference, a vintage slot machine is a perfect choice for a slot player, especially one that plays online slot games at casinos online.

You can find the coin-operated bandits, along with coins, on eBay. But given they can be a bit expensive, you can opt for a newer machine that costs less.

A Poker Chip Wrist Watch

When we say a ‘poker chip wrist watch’ we mean a realistic watch that’s poker-themed. They are usually not expensive, as many versions are available at Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. There’s also a more exclusive Zenith Chronomaster watch, a revived version of the Poker Chip watch. It does not look like a poker chip, but it’s an exclusive piece inspired by the original El Primero G383.

In general, if the birthday person loves poker games – including chips – a watch inspired by poker chips is a jackpot. Be it a Zenith watch or a funny low-cost take on the casino theme, your friend would surely love to have one on their wrist.

A Set of Custom Shot Glasses

A set of glasses is a pretty standard birthday gift. But what if you get a custom set of shot glasses for your friend? Nowadays, you don’t have to browse infinite stores to find a nice set of glasses. You can order a set online, and you can ask for a custom set with personal notes and engravings. Engraved glassware is always fancy, so your friend will love them surely.

If the person for whom you are purchasing a gift is not into alcoholic beverages, you can always switch the shot glasses for regular tall glasses. Use them for juice, cocktails, or any other type of drink! The best part of purchasing glassware as a birthday gift is that it’s very practical. Moreover, it is very personal thanks to custom-made engraved notes on the glasses.

A Las Vegas Neon Sign

This gift is very impractical, but it’s very fun! Most casino fans are into quirky gambling stuff, and a large Las Vegas neon sign is a classic item on every player’s bucket list. Why not purchase it for your friend?

You don’t have to go to Las Vegas or buy a massive sign. It can be a smaller size big enough to fit a wall with paintings in your friend’s apartment.

The sign can also use LED lights or a less expensive version instead of a classic Las Vegas neon sign. Options exist. You need to browse and find what you think the birthday celebrant would like.

If you are feeling crafty, you can make one, but that will both take time and money.

A Surprise Casino-Themed Birthday Party

A casino-themed party is the ultimate birthday gift for someone who likes casino games. If you are close and both like parties, a surprise birthday party that’s also casino-themed would be an excellent way to make the celebrant happy.

Casinos are a common party theme, so finding decorations and party essentials would not be a challenge. Order custom glasses, make casino-themed party invitations and set up gambling tables for the guests to visit. Of course, having casino games available would be a must. You can organize a casino party tournament among the guests who would play online casino games or act as the croupier at tables that would serve food and drinks to attendees. Whatever you choose to do, it will surely be a success.


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