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“People need to be careful”: Small infectious worm eggs found in parks in New York and Europe | US News

STrapped in a sandbox, dogs are running around the world. There are parasites that are invisible to the naked eye and mainly infect cats and dogs. This is a small insect that lives in the animal’s muscles and digestive system, but can spread to others.

But sometimes it infects humans. Increasingly, researchers are concerned that children are inadvertently consuming these parasites. ToxocariasisAnd they are studying where humans and pets come into contact with each other: city parks.

of New York In the city, one of the sites of recent surveys, these parasites are present in parks in all five provinces, and more in parks in poorer areas.I have found other researchers all over the world Toxocariasis at the park.

The presence of Toxocariasis Researchers say it’s not necessarily the cause of caution. Humans are not so easy to infect – they literally have to consume the infected soil. However, this means that children are at higher risk. Still, according to scientists, most infections are asymptomatic, but symptoms such as fever, malaise, cough, rash, and abdominal pain can occur. In very rare cases, parasites can reach the eyes and cause blindness, causing neurological damage to the brain.

At least 70 people, mostly children, go to the United States each year Blind As a result of toxocariasis ToxocariasisHowever, researchers say it’s probably an underestimate, as the average pediatrician may not be able to easily recognize the illness.

“People, especially those with children who tend to play with sand and soil, need to be careful ToxocariasisDonna Tyungu, the lead author of the New York paper and a pediatric infectious disease expert studying parasites at the University of Oklahoma, said. “Pet owners need to be aware that dogs can get infected with what they eat from the ground.”

Prevalence of Toxocariasis parasites.

In new york studyPublished in 2020, scientists took samples from 91 parks and playgrounds in five provinces. The Bronx had the highest number of positive samples, with more than half of the population being of color and a median household income of about $ 42,000 in 2020. Toxocariasis Eggs were found in 66.7% (10 out of 15) of the playgrounds tested.

By comparison, Manhattan has the highest median income, but the lowest percentage of pollution, with 29.6% of sites (8 out of 27) being tested positive. Toxocariasis egg. In general, eggs in the city tended to come from the following species: Toxocariasis It is unique to cats, not dogs.

“A lot of stray dogs and cats roam in areas with low socioeconomics,” says Tyungu. High contamination rates may also be related to pet owners’ ability to pay for regular veterinary visits and anthelmintic.

“I have their discovery Toxocariasis Thomas Natman, Head of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Parasitology, said: “Understanding neglected tropical diseases is very important to us. Toxocariasis Being one of them is a big problem that we haven’t actually investigated, so we don’t know how much it is yet. “

Toxocariasis parasites moving under a microscope

These parasite eggs can survive the cruel winters of New York, thanks to them. Protective cell layer It helps them stay alive for months or even years. “Eggs are fairly strong in winter and cold weather,” said Rojelio Mejia, one of the co-authors of this paper and a pediatric tropical disease researcher at Baylor College of Medicine. “They can withstand the very extreme environment of soil and animal hosts.”

New York City Parks and Health Department did not respond to requests for comment.

Estimated 5-14% Of all Americans Toxocariasis, Minorities, people living in poverty, and people in rural areas are more exposed to it.Toxocariasis 1 of 5 Ignored the parasite infections prioritized by the CDC as urgent public health measures were needed in the United States.

Researcher in Hannover, Germany sampling Eggs were removed from the sandboxes of 46 playgrounds and up to 23.9% (11 out of 46) found eggs, with a high proportion of infected eggs in January and February.another study In Valencia, Spain Toxocariasis Eggs were found in dog runs, although they were not found in parks or playgrounds, probably due to restricted animal access.

How to get rid of the park Toxocariasis Eggs include raising awareness of parents and pet owners, exterminating pets, and installing fences to keep stray livestock away. Tyungu says it is important for children to wash their hands with soap and water after playing outside, especially before handling or eating food. Toxocariasis egg.

“Use soap and water if you can,” Tyungu said. “But if you’re having a picnic in the park and you have nothing else to do, pour a bottle of water into your children’s hands to wash away anything that might be there, and then do other things. Please continue with the disinfectant. “

“People need to be careful”: Small infectious worm eggs found in parks in New York and Europe | US News

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