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Pennsylvania Democrats change party for first time in 34 years

Democrats in Pennsylvania are leaving in droves, with about 8,400 Democrats switching to the Republican Party in the western part of the state alone ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Pennsylvania mother Beth Ann Rosica attended “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the data and the issues she believes are causing the massive population exodus.

Rosika told co-host Carly Shimkus, “I think the economy is huge. I also think there are a lot of school issues for parents across Pennsylvania. We want our children to have the academic, social, and It’s scary to see what’s going on emotionally,” he said.

“All of these failed policies have resulted in real academic losses.”

Rosika said many parents are “disgusted and disgusted by what has happened here over the past two and a half years” due to inflation and soaring gasoline prices.

More than 39,000 Democrats will switch party registrations in 2022, according to the Pennsylvania State Department. In contrast, only about 12,000 voters switched from Republicans to Democrats.

“As a former Democrat for 34 years before the pandemic, I also thought Democrats really focused on the people they pretended to support,” Rosica said.

Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz was endorsed by former President Trump.
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She explained how she has dedicated her career to helping families in underprivileged communities get the resources they need to succeed.

“What I’ve seen through the pandemic is that the Democratic Party has basically abandoned all those people,” Rosica said. “That’s why I left the party. As I often say, the party has really left me, and I think more people are really starting to understand that.”

Endorius Mikael, who switched parties and became a Republican in Pennsylvania this year, comes from an immigrant family and accused the Democrats of failing voters who hadn’t been involved “for quite some time.”

“I am part of a community called the Eritrean American National Council, and what we promised was a swing vote and people who think it’s Democrats’ fault, Democrats haven’t been involved in for quite some time, Or to mobilize people, just providing them with failed policy after failed policy,” Mikael said.

So we decided to take a grassroots approach and actually start meeting with Republican candidates,” he continued.

The high-profile Senate election in Pennsylvania continues to gain momentum as Trump-supporting Dr. Mehmet Oz is scheduled to face Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in November.

Pennsylvania Democrats change party for first time in 34 years

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