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Pence: Candidate must run ‘as a Republican’ to win in 2024

former vice president Mike Pence Increased criticism of peers Republican At Friday night’s Republican donor summit, he attempted to portray his potential rivals as straying from the party’s principles as he neared an anticipated presidential run.

Pence, speaking at the Republican National Committee’s donor summit in Nashville, was scheduled to criticize the former president. donald trump Those who question the war in Ukraine, oppose rights reform and further restrict abortion rights. According to an excerpt shared by the aide prior to his remarks, he argued that the party would be better served by candidates who espouse more traditional Republican views.

“It’s becoming clearer by the day that the upcoming Republican primary will be more than just a contest for candidates, it’s going to be a clash of visions,” Pence would have told donors. Sacrifice our highest ideals to win. “

He said the party’s path to victory “has traveled for the better part of half a century” and includes a “well-worn “It depends on the road,” he said.

“If you run boldly as a Republican, you will win,” he was expected to add. “If we run away from the proven American agenda, we will lose.”

Pence is widely expected to launch a White House campaign in the coming weeks that will put him in direct competition with his former boss, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

A loyal deputy to Trump at the White House, Pence has spent years keeping his distance from the former president since leaving office. including criticizing Trump’s actions when a mob of Trump supporters violently stormed the Capitol when he was presiding over the certification of . Joe Bidenwin. Trump was infuriated by Pence’s refusal to agree to an unconstitutional plan to overturn the outcome, and the two have been at odds ever since.

In his exit address, Pence continued to tacitly criticize Trump and another likely front-runner, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, saying that the party is a “politics of individuality and a timeless conservative.” We must resist the temptation of value-agnostic populism.”

“If 2022 has taught us anything, it’s that candidates who focus on the challenges facing American families have done well.” Elections are always about the future. To win in 2024, the Republican Party must be the party of the future.”

The comments came hours after the pair spoke at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Pence’s home state of Indiana. It was a reflection of lingering hostility from Trump’s loyal base, who continue to harbor a grudge against Pence’s handling of the 2020 election.

Speaking at the donor summit in Nashville on Saturday, Trump told the audience he wanted to delve into Pence from the NRA stage and give the former vice president a warm introduction. ‘ and called him ‘a good man’.

In his remarks, Pence was expected to continue criticizing those within his party who questioned U.S. support for Ukraine after the Russian invasion.”Joe Biden wants defense spending cuts.” But for some reason some prominent Republicans also want cuts.”

DeSantis last month backtracked on calling the war a “territorial dispute,” after criticism from many Republicans who expressed concern over the 2024 presidential candidate’s negative description of the civil war.

Pence was also expected to accuse Trump of opposing reforms to Social Security and Medicare, including raising the age of eligibility.

“Sadly, our former president agreed with Biden’s pledge to ‘not touch’ Social Security. I think I owe my three granddaughters more,” he says.

He was also expected to criticize those in his party for being hesitant about further restrictions on abortion rights following a string of Republican defeats.

According to the excerpt, “Following the greatest pro-life victory in history, too many Republicans want to flee the cause that has fueled our party for half a century.

Trump has warned the party risks being affected by tougher abortion restrictions, and DeSantis signed a six-week ban late Thursday. Pence: Candidate must run ‘as a Republican’ to win in 2024

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