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Peaceful rally in Brooklyn supports street vendors trying to operate legally

new york — There was a show on Sunday in support of the street vendors sunset parkBrooklyn.

They have fought for a contract with the city to legally operate there.

In contrast to Easter Sunday the week before, a peaceful crowd gathered. They have been at the center of a dispute between the community and the city over operating without a permit.

Bryan Garita, secretary of Plaza Tonatiu, said: “We need an agreement. We need a permit. We want to do this in a legal and safe way and explain to people how they can support us. I’m thinking,” he said.

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But the vendors and organizers of Tonatiuh Square say they have received nothing from the city. The city park department New York Police Department It cracked down on vendors without permits and “in response to neighborhood complaints that this activity was preventing park patrons from using the park on Sundays.”

The Sunday open-air market Plaza Tonatiou started in 2021 as a pandemic aid or main source of income for vendors.

They were stopped by officials from setting up for the season earlier this month.

Bender’s Danny Flores said through an interpreter: “It’s disgusting and sad that they brutally oppressed us.

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Flores earns an extra income from leather goods and said the city is looking forward to reaching an agreement that works for both parties.

Plaza Tonatiuh hopes the city will enter into a so-called concession agreement. This will allow the city to work with organizations to develop its own rules for vendors at parks.

“They’re doing it in peace, they’re doing it for the good of the community. This is where they come from, so they’re doing it for their people. They’re doing it for our people. It’s all about,’ said Park Slope’s Christian Marmorejos.

Marmorejos signed a petition filed on Sunday by the organizers of Plaza Tonatiu, calling for the city to reach an agreement. “As we move forward, we will be discussing how we can work towards a solution for all residents with our vendors,” said a spokesperson for district councilor Alexa Aviles. Peaceful rally in Brooklyn supports street vendors trying to operate legally

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