Pavel Buchnevic’s trade was a move required by the Rangers’ plans

Immediately, let’s stipulate that the optics and second draft topic to replace your first line right winger with a bottom 6 guy will not be an easy sale. It is not, regardless of the factors that alleviate the problems surrounding it.

Therefore, Rangers’ Chris Drury is enthusiastic about trading between his first players as NHL’s general manager. He sent Pavel Buchnevic to Bruce for Samuel Bryce and the second round pick of 2022. Friday, hours before the opening round of the draft. There is no doubt about it.

It’s no exaggeration to say that last season’s Buchnevic has become the Rangers’ long-awaited player since his first arrival in New York in September 2016. Some have lost the disastrous body language that has become a trademark of his youth, which is completely unattractive.

But just as No. 89 tried to greet fame and luck, it was time to say goodbye without making his own mistakes. Buchnevic, who was subject to arbitration and a year away from unlimited free agents, could order the next multi-year contract in the range of $ 5.5 million to $ 6.5 million per person. Faced with a surge in cap crisis two years later, the Rangers couldn’t keep up with such numbers.

But perhaps just as important in the equation, the Rangers are simply unbalanced, homogeneous, the top is too heavy, there is no bottom 6 material needed to win the battle, smashing enemies, and the top 6 I suffocated. The previous administration has collected a collection of talents. Yes, of course there is a place for that.

The Rangers traded with Pavel Buchnevic on Friday.
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But, for example, there is no place for nine similar talents who can’t take on the traditional third and fourth line roles. This wasn’t the fault of former coach David Quinn, but most of the time there were guys out of place in the lineup because there wasn’t a clear place for them. There was no real distinction between the obligations on the second line and the responsibilities on the third line. The fourth line was basically a repository for leftovers and those taking lessons.

It will change. That wouldn’t be the case under this administration or under the next head coach Gerard Gallant. The Rangers have enough firepower on the front lines and power play, but they also wear a helmet to go to work and present a formidable bottom 6 that offers a different dimension. They will be difficult to play against. At least that’s the plan.

That is the origin of the acquisition, Berkeley Goodrow’s long-term signature. This is the origin of this deal for Brace, 6 feet 2, 205 pounds, 25 years old, who can play physical north-south games and take off gloves at the right time. Play or two. He scored 28 points (14-14) in 76 games over the last two seasons, averaging an average of 12:20 ice time per night against Ryan O’Reilly. Of the players who have played over 70 games in the last two years, Brace is the fourth in hits per 60 minutes.

And while Brace has a ring like Goodrow, former Lightning Winger Goodrow certainly played a bigger role in Tampa Bay’s 2020 and 2021 repeat titles than Brace was in the 2019 blues. Still, there is a Stanley Cup pedigree in the now-missing room. That item on your resume is important to Drury.

Replacing Buchnevic with a brace will open the top 6 spots on the right. As suggested in this space on Friday, The structure of the third line as a check unit means that Blueshirts do not stack Artemi Panarin, Chris Kreider and Alexis Lafreniere on the left side. Therefore, one, perhaps La Frenière, moves to the right to fill the vacant seats created by the exit of Buchnevic.

There is still a lot to do. Jack Eiker Saga is hanging in the off-season.. So is the deficit of the organization that was not addressed in the first round of the draft when the Rangers tapped Winger Brennan Ottoman as the 16th choice instead of the two highly regarded centers on the board.

Rangers still need to add black and blue shirts to the six mixes below. And you need a left defense with size and physical presence. There is ample cap space to tackle these areas in the free agent market on Wednesday. Does Zudeno Chara still fit the profile?

Buchnevic’s deal is controversial. The Rangers seem to have given far more than they received. That means they’re blessed. Returns may seem light, but this was a targeted acquisition. The necessary changes are underway. It’s not optics. That is the reality.

Pavel Buchnevic’s trade was a move required by the Rangers’ plans

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