Patriots take the building to the wiring

CAPS Home Team:

Patriots (+4.5, less than 43.5)

You can do nothing but examine the heavens and the earth and evaluate them appropriately, but the weather measurements predicted at Orchard Park cannot be ignored. Especially considering that the expected maximum temperature is 11 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature reaches 5 degrees Celsius, if not bad. Playing at night is useless.

These two AFC East rivals have already ruined each other’s nest this season.In previous games at Highmark Stadium, similar frigid conditions prevailed, but the Patriots Designed a full-fledged ball control game in the wind, passed three times, won and escaped.

Smooth Young Bills QB Josh Allen designed a quick revenge on the last Sunday of 2021, just three weeks later. Foxborough’s memory remains fresh and all of Bill Belichick’s renowned coaching sorceries will be needed to extend the New England season to late January.

Josh Allen (left) and Bills are hosting Mac Jones (right) and the Patriots in one of the AFC wildcard games.
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Belichick no longer monopolizes all highcards, he can no longer force the will of his grid irons. As much as QB Mac Jones is as promising for New England as the future of team cues-and Jones picked up a lot-the patriot’s greatest hope is thin enough for Jones to join forces with Mavenville B. Being familiar with pig skin and as long as the young QB Jones are precocious, they can manage to bring this desperate battle to the royal family. Fading Belichick here is the most reluctant.

Bills, 21-20

Raiders and above Bengals (-5.5, 49 and over)

Especially on the offensive side, I can’t wait to see this fascinating exhibition of diverse talents.

Cincinnati’s loyal figures are well rewarded for their patience waiting for something like Joe Burrow, the top choice in the 2020 NFL draft. We are pleased to be able to reconnect LSU products with Ja’Marr Chase, the top drawer star receiver. Anyone who has had a lasting exposure to these two talents can’t help but crave to see more.

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow

Las Vegas has endured a turbulent year, especially after mid-season departure head coach Jon Gruden. His successors are open and include decades of assistant coach and current Raiders interim coach Rich Basicia.

From all the reports, the favorite of this job is current Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, but we’re not interested in starting a half-hearted guess. Sooner or later everything must be revealed.

The Raiders are working on a cramped work week and work overtime to the Chargers who did everything but victory and advance last Sunday night before Raiders’ QB David Carr carried the day to reach this point. Won in and escaped NFL Week 18 slightly.

We do not deny that we believe that Barrow may be even better than many of his most enthusiastic fans expect.

Bengals, 31-24

Patriots take the building to the wiring

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