Patagonia welcomes the shutdown of Keystone XL, despite its oil-rich product line

Garment maker Patagonia has joined the pipeline opponents and celebrated the cancellation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, despite the heavy reliance on oil for outdoor apparel maker product lines.

In a post on Thursday, Patagonia retweeted a message from the Native Organizer Alliance, proclaiming that the #KXL pipeline is complete.Canada A project completed after 13 years of battle.

“Congratulations to everyone!” Patagonia tweeted. “The end of this zombie pipeline sets a precedent for President Biden and polluters to shut down Line 3, Dakota Access, and all fossil fuel projects,” said Kendal McKee’s campaign manager. http://350.orgKeep It In The Ground Campaign. “

Patagonia also retweeted a post from one of its environmental groups, the Indigenous Environmental Network, saying, “We have finally defeated the oil and gas giant! Keystone XL is dead!”

California-based Patagonia has long opposed Keystone and condemned President Trump’s 2017 decision to approve the United States-Canada Thanks to President Biden for his cross-border permission and cancellation in January, even though the company’s jackets, backpacks and gear are made of nylon, polyester and other petroleum-based fibers.

Katagonia, chairman of the Western Energy Alliance, describes Patagonia as “a company that uses no oil and wants to pretend that almost every product contains oil.”

“They couldn’t make a product without oil and natural gas, and they couldn’t deliver the product to the customer or the customer could go to the trail,” she said in an email.

This message occurs when an awakened company is being investigated for fossil fuel use. last year, The North Face He was accused of refusing to order a jacket from a Houston drilling service company.

Chris Wright, president of Liberty Oilfield Services in Denver, responded last week with billboards and social media. motion “Thank you” to The North Face, an “extraordinary customer in the oil and gas industry.”

He said that 60% of all clothing fibers in the world are made of oil and gas, but he could not find a single product. The North Face Catalog that does not contain petroleum components.

But when it comes to climate change activities, few companies can cooperate with Patagonia. Patagonia respected the planet last year, As part of the Patagonia Action Works campaign.

Patagonia also sells T-shirts with the message “Ditch the Drill: We Can’t Afford Another Spill”.

However, unlike many companies, Patagonia seems to allow a disconnect between its product line and environmental activities.

Patagonia aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by using recycled plastics in its products, saying that “64% of this season’s fabrics are made from recycled materials” and is 100% renewable and recycled. The goal is to use raw materials. Electricity use in the United States was due to renewable resources.

Last year, the company adopted a mission statement, “We are doing business to save our home planet.”

“Patagonia is one of the most progressive outdoor clothing marketers and distributors in the United States and abroad. Announcement“The company’s business model is particularly impressive in how it targets customers through affordable product pricing.”

Larry Verence, director of the Western Province of Power the Future, opposed this, pointing to a cool Patagonia Grace VII Down Parka jacket priced at $ 899.

“Corporate hypocrisy is by no means a good impression, but it’s even worse if a company like Patagonia celebrates the destruction of American blue-collar jobs and has the arrogance of selling jackets for $ 900.” “In fact, companies like Patagonia rely on oil for their businesses, no matter how close they are to radical environmentalists,” said Mr. Berence.

Keystone XL aims to move approximately 830,000 barrels of crude oil daily from Alberta to an existing pipeline connection in Steel City, Nebraska, creating an estimated 42,000 jobs and $ 2 billion in US revenue. did.

Adversaries cite the dangers to the environment from leaks and spills, but Keystone supporters argue that pipelines are far more environmentally friendly than alternatives such as railroads, trucks and ships. ..

“Keystone is Canada That’s why Patagonia supports oil production from countries that aren’t produced with respect for human rights under strict environmental controls, “says Sgamma.” Bravo Patagonia. “

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Patagonia welcomes the shutdown of Keystone XL, despite its oil-rich product line

Source link Patagonia welcomes the shutdown of Keystone XL, despite its oil-rich product line

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