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Pastor Al Sharpton Says Daniel Penney’s Arrest Was Just ‘First Step’ To Bring Justice To Jordan Neely

new york — Reverend Al Sharpton said the manslaughter charge against Daniel Penny was “just a step” in getting justice. Jordan Neely.

Sharpton reiterated calls to hold other subway passengers accountable in the video while Penny strangled Neely.

penny is Arrested, indicted, released on bail Friday. A 24-year-old Marine Corps veteran has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in Neely’s death on the subway.

Penny’s attorney, Thomas Kenniff, said: “He is dealing with this situation with the integrity and honor of a man.”

Advocates said this was just the beginning of a long road to justice. At a press conference on Saturday morning, Mr Sharpton is expected to call on other passengers on the subway to be held accountable.

On Friday, Neely’s family lawyer called out: more serious charges. Neely’s father and aunt were distraught and unable to speak.

“The penalty for two counts of manslaughter is five to 15 years. Ask yourself: Is that enough? Is it enough for someone who took someone’s life by strangling someone on a train?” Neely’s family attorney Lennon Edwards said.

The lawyer explained the circumstances Neely’s mental state deteriorated after his mother suffocated to death when he was a child. Despite intermittent treatment, his lack of resources has left him homeless.

“For those of you who say, ‘I’ve been on a train before, and I’ve been scared before, but I don’t know what to do in that situation,’ I say, ask how you can help. Please. ‘, said Donte Mills, a lawyer for the Neely family.

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In Penny’s arraignment, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steingras said, “Multiple witnesses saw Mr. Neely threatening and frightening passengers, and the defendant approached Mr. Neely from behind and decapitated him.” I strangled him and dragged him to the ground,” he said.

They said Penny continued the conversation for several minutes, including after Neely stopped moving.

The defense told the judge that Penny worked with the police, earned several medals in the Marine Corps before being discharged with honors, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture degree at a university in London. new york city.

Penny didn’t have to file a petition.

“Because a grand jury has not yet indicted him and the public and prosecutors will bring this case to a grand jury,” said legal expert Andrew Reeve.

Penny was questioned by the police and released on the day of Neely’s death.of Private Complaint Review Board We are investigating the NYPD’s decision not to arrest him.

Mr. Sharpton said he had similar questions. Pastor Al Sharpton Says Daniel Penney’s Arrest Was Just ‘First Step’ To Bring Justice To Jordan Neely

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