Parliamentary attackers “catch up” lag behind by five years

A man who slammed a pole against police during a 2021 parliamentary attack was sentenced to 63 months behind the bar on Tuesday.

Mark Ponder thinks of his decision to attack law enforcement officers who protect officials elected from mobs angry at keeping Donald Trump in power after losing the former presidential election. It will take more than 5 years. So far, no riot has ever been sentenced as long as Ponder, who has been tied to one other person in the toughest sentence.

Judge Tanya Chutkan of the US District Court did not buy the defendant’s allegation that he “did not think that day,” and sentenced him to three months longer than the prosecutor suggested.

“He was keen on attacking and injuring police officers,” the judge said. “This was not a protest.”

Defendant’s lawyer claimed that his client was “engaged in the madness of January 6th.”

Chutkan argued that Ponter was actually “leading the prosecution” against law enforcement.

In April, Ponder was guilty of breaking one pole on a policeman’s shield, hitting a mob and recovering the stronger red, white, and blue poles he used to attack two other policemen. I admitted. Ponder then joined a group fighting police in a tunnel in the US Capitol. He was later arrested by an FBI agent.

Ponder’s lawyer said the prosecutor had a wide range of criminal records, and his client was only aimed at imposing a lie that the election was verbally stolen, but with the momentum of the day’s events. Claimed to have been wiped out.

Far more than 800 Trump supporters have been charged with federal crimes for being involved in the January 6 riots.

Ponder’s ruling is consistent with the ruling of Robert Palmer, a 54-year-old Florida man who cried while telling the same judge that his actions were “really, really embarrassing.” Palmer, who threw wooden boards and fire extinguishers at an officer defending the Capitol, wrote to the court that he was fooled by people “in great power” to falsely believe that the election was fraudulent.

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Parliamentary attackers “catch up” lag behind by five years

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