Parents, students dithering when entering high school in New York

Frustrated parents are blasting Mayor De Blasio and the City Ministry of Education as an unstable second-year middle school student struggles with this year’s aerial high school selection process while the administration is at a standstill. 2 years in a row, About the announcement of admission rules to become a freshman soon.

“Negligence is not the right word. Cruel words are the right word,” said Alina Adams, the mother of three who run the website NYC School Secrets. “These are children aged 13 and 14, and they are absolutely torturing them.”

“I’m very worried about it,” confessed Morgan Labela, an eighth grader at IS 187 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

In the past, in June of 7th grade, students received a phonebook-sized thick directory as a guide to over 400 public high schools and 700 individual special benefit programs in the city. In September and October, 8th graders were able to attend multiple high school trade fairs and open houses and select up to 12 schools to complete their application.

Screening requirements (some high schools may include grades, auditions, essays, or special tests) were published months before the application deadline in early December.

Vito La Bella with her daughter Morgan, an eighth grader of IS 187 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

But the coronavirus pandemic Overturned it all in 2020 — And even though distance learning is over and students return to the classroom, the application system remains confused.

“De Blasio is a lame duck and can make all the changes he never dared to make when he ran for election,” Adams accused. “Now he is salting the earth.”

The high school trade fair was not held this fall. The school does not host direct tours for prospective students. High school directories are programs and admission requirements.

Maud Maron, a candidate for the Manhattan City Council and a second-year middle school daughter attending MS 255, said she was “malicious and incompetent.” , She added.

Most importantly, the city has not yet announced whether high schools can use old screening methods. Critics A form of separation — choosing a student.

It left the school and family in the dark. A school canceled a high school briefing scheduled for this week “due to lack of complete information from DOE,” parents said in an email.

On the other hand, high schools that are stuck do not have admission rules to provide to applicants. Families should relentlessly search for news on the target school’s website.

“I monitor and check every day,” said Jessica Chiu, a harem in her second year of middle school, with her daughter Leah. “I am very aggressive.”

In addition to the confusion, DOE Geography-based exclusion This year’s high school admission policy in the name of fairness.

This makes it more difficult than ever to enroll in prestigious schools, such as Eleanor Roosevelt in Manhattan and the Millennium in Brooklyn, which were previously restricted to residents of the district and autonomous region, and seated children living nearby. Guarantee Zone High School seems to be put to an end. ..

Maurice Frumkin, a former DOE official and consultant who runs NYC Admissions Solutions, said: “There are many families who have moved to these neighborhoods just to go to these coveted schools.”

Jessica Chiu
Jessica Chiu is dissatisfied with the selection process for high schools in the city.
Rear Chiu
Jessica Chiu’s daughter Lear is in the second year of middle school.

“Now you have kids applying for the entire city,” Maron said. “It’s essentially a lottery ticket.”

DOE announced Wednesday — 5 months behind usual — SHSAT, an entrance exam for eight vocational high schools, will be offered to 8th grade students at DOE Middle School on December 2nd and to private and charter school students on December 5th.

However, students do not yet have a non-vocational school application date for the system-or know when they will receive an admission decision.

On Friday, the DOE website assured the 8th grade family that a “welcome letter” containing their long-awaited application instructions had been “mailed”.

“We are in the weeks of the new school year and look forward to continuing to share more information with our families about future admissions,” said DOE spokesman Sarah Casanovas.

“In the unprecedented impact of a pandemic, we have made a sensible and impartial change in admission policy,” she added.

Worried parents aren’t seizing the opportunity.

“It was [also] I’m taking the Catholic High School exam, “said Morgan’s dad, Vito La Bella. His older children attended Brooklyn Tech. “We wouldn’t normally do that. All options need to be open.”

Parents, students dithering when entering high school in New York

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