Parents of Long Island are asking students to be maskless at school – CBS New York

Carle Place, NY (CBSNewYork) — The school year is nearing the end, but some parents in our area are still Governor Andrew Cuomo To overturn the state mask directive at school.

They say the children are suffering from the heat.

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As reported by Carolyn Gusoff of CBS2, The mask is off almost everywhere you goBut at school, they are still mandatory.

Due to the shortage of days left in the school year, I received a call on Monday asking for a decision on my local school district.

“We haven’t seen science about why our kids are still in school wearing masks,” said parent Heather Biron.

Carl Place’s parents say their children (currently allowed to maskless while playing outdoors) are suffering indoors.

COVID vaccine

“They are sweating at school with their masks on, unable to breathe and have nosebleeds,” said one parent.

“There’s a concert-no mask. There’s a sporting event-no mask. Why do kids have to be mask prisoners? That doesn’t make sense to me,” said parent Shanyn Veneroni.

Not all students agree. Some vaccinated high school students say that masks make sense in situations where not all are vaccinated.

“I don’t know that everyone else is vaccinated, so it just makes me feel safer, not a big deal,” said student Ava Brandewiede.

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“Given the safety and feelings of others, I think it’s safer than regret. It’s really about empathy,” added student Kayla Lloyd.

New York, CDCMaintained the necessary masks at school for several reasons, including low adolescent vaccination rates.

Dr. Sharon Nuffman of Stoney Brook Children’s Hospital said:

Coronavirus pandemic

Nackman, who is responsible for pediatric infectious diseases at the hospital, added that the children are still widespread. COVID For adults, including dangerous variants.

“These are the cause of a quarter of all new COVID infections that occur in New York at this time,” says Nachman.

The governor said it is safest to leave the mask indoors for now and revisit in the fall when there is more time to prepare. But Carl Place’s parents said they would ask the children.

“It’s too hot to breathe,” said one student.

They want a maskless day before school is over.

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In Nassau County, both county governor Laura Curran and county runner Bruce Brackman believe that indoor school masking decisions should be local. Stated.

Parents of Long Island are asking students to be maskless at school – CBS New York

Source link Parents of Long Island are asking students to be maskless at school – CBS New York

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