Pantone Color 2022 – The Very Pery Beauty Packaging

Pantone has picked the hue #17-3938 Very Peri as the Color of the Year for 2022, marking the first time in the 23-year history of the Color of the Year program that the company has not chosen an existing color.

Extreme Peri is a brand-new Pantone color that was developed to symbolize “the worldwide innovation and transformation that is currently underway,” according to Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute.

Pantone says that the color, which is reminiscent to 2018’s Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, Very Peri, is supposed to help us “embrace this transformed landscape of possibilities, allowing us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives,” as the company explains in a statement.

Very Peri – A Color of depth

Very Peri is a combination of blues with a reddish-violet undertone to them. Using blues, which offer stability and trust, the Pantone Color Institute’s team developed the new color, which also includes a red-violet undertone to portray “a sense of freshness and a movement toward the future,” according to the company—”to reflect a digitalized world.”

Very Peri is the result of the combination of these colors, which is a new energetic, creative, and inventive color. It is also intended to represent the concept of “going forward.”

In further explanations are provided by Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, provides further explanations.

With the passage of time and the ensuing changes in our environment, the choosing of Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri offers a fresh viewpoint and vision of the trusted and adored blue color family.”

Very Peri, according to Eiseman, “encompasses all the features of the blues—yet at the same time, its violet-red undertone exhibits a spritely, cheerful attitude,” he adds. She further said that it has a special and unique feature “I have a powerful presence that inspires innovation.”

“The loyalty and consistency” of blue are combined with the “energy and thrill” of red in the Very Peri collection. Eiseman goes on to say that it is “the happiest and warmest of all the blue hues” and that it is “a happy and warm color.” “An invigorating blend of newness.”

Very Peri in terms of beauty

Very Peri is a color that Pantone describes as “suggestive of personal ingenuity and daring imagination” in the realm of beauty. The employment of this color in a variety of finishes and applications, on the eyes, nails, and especially hair, makes a dramatic fashion statement. For example, it might have a glittering and glam appearance, or it can be dusty and matte.

Some beauty products and beauty packaging, especially custom eyelash boxes, are already on-trend and appear to be ‘extremely peri’—or very close to it—in terms of their appearance.

They are as follows:

Tatcha Luminous Dewey Skin Mist is a skin mist that is luminous and dewy. Jenny Purple is a Gucci Rouges à Lèvres Matt Lipstick that is available in a variety of colors. Guerlain Rouge G Stunning Gem Customizable Lipstick Case in Amethyst Emotion is a beautiful jewel-toned lipstick case. Going Steady is the color of the Clinique All About Shadow Quad Eyeshadow in Going Steady.

In Lilac, you may find the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 5 by Anastasia Beverly Hills. In Purplestinge, there is a Byredo Color Stick. Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick is a plush matte lipstick with a matte finish. Nail Polish in the shade Bold & Unshaken by Olive & June

It brings to mind all of the fantastic makeup and beauty products that were available in another striking color last year: Greenery, which was named the Pantone Color of the Year for 2017.

Peri-Peri in terms of design and packaging

Very Peri is a color that Pantone describes as “conveying a statement of credibility as well as originality” in graphics, design, custom eyelash boxes, and other beauty packaging options.

When used in digital or physical products, “Very Peri emanates a good-natured warmth that rapidly captures the eye, making it an excellent shade for numerous applications in visual and multi-media design, as well as packaging,” according to the manufacturer.

Peri in her finest attire

According to Vogue, celebrities have already donned colors that are similar to Very Peri.

Lady Gaga appeared at the London premiere of “House of Gucci,” in which she starred in a purple silk chiffon dress with a flowing cape from Gucci’s Spring 2022 ready-to-wear collection, which she accessorized with a flowing cape. (However, this clothing reminds us more of Ultra Violet, which was released in 2018.)

According to WWD, the color is also included in Virgil Abloh’s final collection for Louis Vuitton men’s wear, which was unveiled last month.

The Process by Which Pantone Selects the Color of the Year

A new hue is chosen by the Pantone Color Institute every year, along with the most popular fashion runway colors each season and worldwide color trends for the year ahead. The Institute also provides color consultation to cosmetics and packaging industries on the use of color in product and brand visual identity.

Înainte of deciding on a Color of the Year, the team conducts a trend analysis, taking into account global color influences from a variety of industries, such as entertainment and films now in production, touring art collections, and new artists, fashion, and other creative fields.

Along with popular travel destinations, lifestyles, and socio-economic conditions, they take into account new technologies, materials, textures, and effects that have emerged in recent years. Each of these factors has an effect on color and our perceptions of it.

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Once selected, Pantone’s Color of the Year has an impact on and inspires designers across a wide range of industries, including fashion, home furnishings, industrial design, and architecture.

This factor also influences beauty packaging and visual design in product creation and purchase decisions.

Color Schemes and Instructions on How to Use Very Peri

The Pantone Color Institute established four distinct color palettes to assist designers in incorporating Very Peri into their designs. They are referred to as—

Balancing Act: Burnished Lilac, Muted Clay, Granite Green, Hawthorne Rose, and other warm and cool tones are used to complement Very Peri in this color palette.

Wellspring: Very Peri is surrounded by a comprehensive and harmonious blend of nature-infused tones, including Foliage, Treetop, Eggshell Blue, and others.

The Star: One of the most striking aspects of this collection is the beautiful palette surrounding Very Peri, which includes colors like Deep Taupe, Volcanic Glass, White Sand, Cloud Dancer, and others.

Amusements: Tawny Orange, Pink Flambe, Paradise Pink, Tourmaline, and other bright colors are used in this joyful, whimsical, and entertaining color narrative to bring out Very Peri’s playful side.

Pantone Very Peri was used in this project. Pantone Connect is a digital color portal that designers can access for free by creating an account. Each of the four color palettes listed above and every Pantone color is included in Pantone Connect. The colors are available to share, store, and include in your design projects. You can also use this palette to communicate your desired packaging color to your packaging company.


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