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Berkeley, CA (AP) — The holiday weekend of July 4th has been crowding US airports with the largest crowds since the pandemic began in 2020.

Approximately 2.49 million passengers passed security checks at US airports on Friday, surpassing the pandemic era record of 2.46 million, which reached earlier in the week. According to the numbers Released on Saturday by the Transportation Security Administration.

Increasing numbers indicate that leisure travelers are not hindered by fare increases, the continued spread of COVID-19, or concerns about regular flight delays or cancellations.

Passenger numbers on Friday increased by 13% from July 1, last year, which decreased on Thursday before July 4. Passengers passing through U.S. airports this year also surpassed the 2.35 million people screened at security checkpoints on Fridays prior to July 4, 2019, almost a week before Independence Day. ..

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An average of 2.33 million passengers passed the security checkpoints at domestic airports in the seven days to July 1, as a clearer indication of how close U.S. air travel is to pre-pandemic conditions. .. This was close to the 7-day average. According to the TSA, there will be approximately 2.38 million passengers during the same 2019 period.

However, airlines are struggling to keep up with the surge in demand amid staff shortages and a variety of other issues, resulting in repeated flight delays and cancellations, making vacations a nightmare test. It’s changed.

Many airlines, including Delta, Southwest and JetBlue, are addressing this challenge by shortening their summer schedules to reduce the inconvenience and repulsion of flight delays and cancellations. Scramble to hire and train more pilots.

The headache continued on Friday, but not as badly as at other times in the last few months.According to Friday, there were more than 6,800 flight delays and an additional 587 flight cancellations affecting US airports. Tracking site FlightAware.. As of late Saturday morning, over 2,200 delays and over 540 flight cancellations have been recorded.

In addition to flight delays and cancellations, travelers are required to pay high prices for tickets caused by soaring fuel costs and other inflationary factors, and the health risks posed by continued COVID-19 infection. I had to avoid it.

Travel bugs are also crowding the highway At the national average price of gasoline It costs about $ 5 per gallon and over $ 6 per gallon in California and all its popular attractions. AAA predicts that nearly 48 million people will travel at least 50 miles from their homes on weekends, slightly less than in 2019.

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Paid leave pushes US airport traffic to a pandemic height | Health

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