Padraig Harrington’s “powerful” video for the euro

Kohler, Wisconsin — Padraig Harrington, captain of the European Ryder Cup in the team room on Monday night, showed a powerful video and opened the week with each of the 12 players numbered.

The video presented by Harrington showed that only 164 European players played in the Ryder Cup, less than those who jumped into space or climbed Everest. Each player who has played in Europe has a number from the first player to the three rookies of this year’s team.

“The 164 is a surprisingly small number of players because we have a prestigious wall of who played and we can see those names and go through it,” Harrington said on Tuesday. “Obviously, I can blame Lee Westwood for playing 11 times, and Sergio. [Garcia] Similarly (to play in his 10th). But it’s a group of a few people.

“Given that 580 people went to space and 5,870 climbed Everest, it’s unbelievable that very few people played in the Ryder Cup,” Harrington continued. “It’s very special for players to know that there are places in history that can never be stolen. They always have a name on that wall.

“I’m at 131 (by number), so it’s good to look back and remember … remember who I was a Ryder Cup player, and obviously for these current players, they are I’m experiencing it. The three newcomers had a special moment when they were added, and they stood up and received everyone’s applause that they weren’t used to this.

“It was a nice way to start the week. There are more.”

September 21, 2021, European Ryder Cup captains Padraig Harrington (c.), Matt Fitzpatrick (l.) And Tommy Fleetwood (r.).

The presentation of numbers has moved to European players.

“It’s a fairly small group of players,” said Rory McIlroy. “I’m 144. I think Lee is 118. But if you just look at all the players in front of you, Bernd Wiesberger, who will debut this year, is 164. This is a small collection. . People who have played in Europe in the Ryder Cup.

“I think it brings us very close. It’s one of our big focal points this week. It’s very special to be here and we’re part of a European team. We make ourselves European. Few people can be called Ryder Cup players.

“(Video) Put it in context — 570 people went to space, I think more than 5,000 climbed Everest, 225 won the men’s major. When disassembled that way, It’s going to be a pretty small group and it’s going to be pretty cool. “

Ryder Cup 2021
Rory McIlroy stands behind Sergio Garcia on the 18th green of Whistling Straits on September 21, 2021.
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Garcia played in the 10th Ryder Cup and called the video “powerful.”

“I didn’t know my number,” he said. “I always knew it was very difficult to be part of the Ryder Cup team, but I didn’t know that the number of players who achieved it was small. It showed you how difficult it really was. That’s why every time I’m part of a team or other teammate, it’s so difficult to be part of a team, so I give it the respect it deserves. It’s an honor, and we do it that way. I will treat it to. “

Padraig Harrington’s “powerful” video for the euro

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