OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma pleads guilty to criminal accusation

Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, has officially pleaded guilty to three criminal charges for its role in the national opioid epidemic on Tuesday.

The company’s chairman, Steve Miller, was once a social circuit fixture in New York during a virtual court hearing in front of a federal judge in New Jersey as part of a major reconciliation with the Justice Department. Participated in the petition on behalf of Purdue University, which is managed by the house. It was announced last month.

During hearings, a Connecticut-based drug company acknowledged that it had interfered with the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s efforts to combat the opioid crisis and claimed that there was a program to prevent the drug from flowing into the black market.

The bankrupt company also acknowledged that it provided the DEA with misleading information to increase manufacturing quotas and encouraged doctors to prescribe more medication through various kickback schemes.

Padew’s petition for conspiracy to deceive the United States and violations of federal anti-kickback law blames pharmaceutical companies for their national addiction to opioids, which killed nearly 450,000 people between 1998 and 2018. It marked a major milestone in the federal government’s efforts to make it.

Officials said Purdue will face more than $ 8 billion in civil and criminal penalties in addition to guilty plea. However, the company has agreed with a federal prosecutor that Purdue University has sold addictive opioids such as oxycontin to healthcare providers who have been diverted to abusers, only 225. You are likely to pay $ 10,000.

The amount is subject to the Federal Bankruptcy Court approving a plan to dissolve Purdue and transfer its assets to a so-called public interest corporation owned by the trust.

Members of the wealthy Sackler family who own the company have not been involved in a court hearing on Tuesday and have not been charged with criminal charges. They also agreed to pay the federal government $ 225 million under another civil settlement announced last month.

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OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma pleads guilty to criminal accusation

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