Outdoor dining in New Jersey to continue until at least November 2024

ridgewood, new jersey — In New Jersey, al fresco dining is set to take hold in the near future.

on wednesday, Governor Phil Murphy Many restaurants that signed the extension still call it a lifeline two years after it started COVID-19 (new coronavirus infectious disease)reported CBS2’s Christina Huang.

Governor Murphy Expands Outdoor Dining


Area Mediterranean Restaurant’s outdoor patio is more than just a beautiful oasis. It’s the only reason an East Rutherford fishmonger without a takeout option survived the pandemic.

“If it wasn’t for the outdoor dining, we would have closed this place,” said Tim Sarouros.

Two years after COVID, Sarouros said most guests still prefer to sit outside. and fought.

On Wednesday, the governor signed a two-year extension lasting through 2024.

“They have come to enjoy the new atmosphere, character and sense of place that al fresco dining has brought to their neighborhoods and downtown areas. We want restaurants to be destinations, not just places,” the governor said.

The law allows restaurants and bars to set up tables, tents and chairs on private property, sidewalks and other outdoor areas designated by the municipality.

Al fresco dining is always allowed in New Jersey, but the law is simplifying the process for companies to get approval to set it up.

Frank Giampa of Vesta Wood-Fired said:

But not everyone enjoys living outdoors.

Earlier this year, Ridgewood returned streets to their pre-pandemic condition, removing outdoor enclosures and removing pedestrian plazas that occupied parking lots for other stores.

Ridgewood Mayor Susan Knudsen said: “We have had complaints about maintenance, appearance, hygiene and trash.

But restaurants are trying to make al fresco dining permanent.

Murphy said he is open minded and will wait and see how things develop over the next two years.

Outdoor dining in New Jersey to continue until at least November 2024

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