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Ottawa expands payment offerings to new entrants in eastern Ontario

Marie-France Lalonde, parliamentary undersecretary to the Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, said that to help newcomers settle in small, rural communities and access essential services during their first year, Announced significant expansion of resettlement capacity and settlement services in Eastern Ontario. The $840,271 investment gives newcomers greater access to case management support.

Conseil Économique et Social d’Ottawa-Carleton (CESOC) also received $605,648 in additional funding to support existing refugee resettlement assistance programs. This will enable the organization to provide essential services to more refugees in government-supported areas, including Afghan nationals.

Settlement services help newcomers get language training, find jobs, connect with the community, and integrate successfully into Canadian society. Submitted by CESOC following a call for proposals for Resettlement Assistance Programs and Case Management Services in August 2021, the project aims to help refugees and vulnerable newcomers to resettle and adjust to life in Eastern Ontario. has been selected to provide additional case management services to assist with

This investment will expand case management services in Cornwall and the surrounding area in English and French, ensuring that vulnerable newcomers receive the support and referrals they need to successfully integrate into their new community. CESOC plays a key role in enhancing access to support services for refugees in small rural communities and equipping newcomers with the tools they need for long-term success.

Marie-France Lalonde, Parliamentary Undersecretary of the Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship said: integration. This success could not have been achieved without important settlement service organizations such as the Conseil Économique et Social d’Ottawa-Carleton. The organization helps newcomers learn Canada’s official language, find jobs, and build successful lives in their new communities. ”

Saint-Phard Desir, Executive Director of Conseil Économique et Social d’Ottawa-Carleton, said: Assistance to newly settled refugees in the area. CESOC appreciates the trust of the ministry and believes effective socioeconomic integration of refugees is a shared responsibility between federal authorities and communities. ”

• The Resettlement Assistance Program is a funding program that operates in all provinces except Quebec to assist government-sponsored refugees and other eligible clients arriving in Canada. The program provides direct financial support to new entrants and funds service provider organizations to deliver immediate and essential services.

• Financial support includes a one-time start-up allowance and monthly income support. Typically offered for up to one year or until the client is self-supporting, whichever comes first. Resettlement Assistance Program service providers typically provide immediate and essential services to clients within four to six weeks of arrival in Canada.

• Case management refers to the settlement of refugees and other high-need and vulnerable newcomers facing multiple complex barriers to integration during their first 12 to 18 months in Canada. Refers to a comprehensive approach to help.

• Case management services include a comprehensive needs and asset assessment, resulting in a plan that includes referrals, regular monitoring of progress and check-ins, and personalized support. Ottawa expands payment offerings to new entrants in eastern Ontario

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