Only perfect idiots will love this “comedy”

Choosing the worst part of a “buddy game” is like choosing meat at a Brazilian steakhouse. There are so many options and they just keep coming.

Is it time for paintball to shoot through a man’s clearly visible private? Or is it when a man bites the tongue of a Komodo dragon? Or was it when another man killed a cute ferret with his bare hands? Is it time to start a groin comedy with a man who was hospitalized for suicidal ideation?

* Take a sip of water *

Perhaps that’s where the pie turns into an extended metaphor of female anatomy? How about a scene where a brother shoots an arrow in the hand of his best friend?

Oh, I understand! After taking laxatives for masculine competition, it’s definitely the moment when all the Shrub groups are having terrible digestive problems on the dance floor.

Fight? In the buddy game, six companions named Duffy (Dax Shepard), Doc (Kevin Dillon), Bender (Nick Swardson) and others host the Olympic Games every year. The mastermind, Bob Father (Josh Duhamel), describes it as an opportunity to “blood, sweat, beer” and “relentlessly depress our best companions” in the opening narration. The movie offers the embarrassment of embarrassment.

The event broke up after a troubled companion, Sherry (Dan Buckedal), was hurt by the paintball mentioned above. However, contrary to the wishes of Bob Father’s suspicious gorgeous wife Tiffany (Olivia Munn), they will resume a very dangerous game for another year to help Sherry deal with his self-harm. I made it. Nothing the doctor ordered!

Most of the films written and directed by Duamel see these nasty strength feats, but they do not form a connection with any Dingus character. The game itself is not particularly original. They are like a summer camp meeting a fraternity haze without a good joke.

Talk about toxic masculinity — “Buddy Games” make you feel dead inside.

Only perfect idiots will love this “comedy”

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