Only 117,000 city students submitted COVID-19 test consent form

Post learned that only 117,000 of the 335,000 city children enrolled in the city’s suspended mixed learning program provided the COVID-19 test consent form.

Despite lobbying from City Hall and the Ministry of Education, the submissions required by DOE to test children continue to be delayed.

Lack of consent can complicate the reopening of municipal schools.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has recently repeatedly emphasized that students need to significantly increase their coronavirus testing to resume classroom activities.

Some parents have expressed their reservation that children will be screened on the school grounds without being screened for the virus.

DOE has so far refused to allow families to submit results from private doctors.

“The test makes the community less secure and communicates, and enables face-to-face learning. Everyone in the school community needs to be involved,” DOE spokeswoman Nathaniel Styer said in a post. ..

DOE said on Friday that the number of students enrolled in blended learning, which alternates between classrooms and distance learning, increased by 35,000 this month.

This month, the agency gave families a two-week grace period, switching from fully remote instruction to a hybrid format of alternating home and classroom learning.

Mayor Bill de Blasio
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According to DOE, this will bring the total number of students currently enrolled in future blended learning programs to 335,000.

Before the start of the school year, the city hall advertised that more than 700,000 families chose building instruction, despite imminent concerns about the coronavirus.

Critics pointed out that if children were unable to opt out aggressively, DOE would automatically enroll them in the model and the number could have grown.

In the relentless turmoil of the first few months of the school year, once impressive numbers became craters.

At the start of the new opt-in period in November, only 300,000 children remained in Blended Learning.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and DOE emphasized the safety of the city’s classrooms in encouraging families to place their children in a hybrid fashion, thereby emphasizing the minimal cases of COVID-19 infection in school buildings. Did.

However, De Blasio chose to suspend all face-to-face learning on Wednesday after the city reached a 3% infection rate closure trigger.

In a statement, DOE spokesman Katie O’Hanlon said, “There is no substitute for face-to-face instruction, and the blended learning family knows that it is worth spending as much time as possible in the classroom at school. I will. ” “We will work with the school to increase the number of days that blended learning students stay in the building. We look forward to joining them when they resume.”

Only 117,000 city students submitted COVID-19 test consent form

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