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On a one-on-one date with “single” Katie Thurston, she began to become a father.

New York-This week, we’ll return to Karl’s drama just before Katie enters another rose ceremony. Katie cried because Karl said multiple people were participating in the “single” for the wrong reason. She got together and told everyone she wasn’t going to give anyone any more time at the cocktail party, she just wanted to go straight to the rose ritual. Greg, who already has a rose, went to comfort Katie. She really seemed to thank him and shared her fears. She has only a limited amount of time and doesn’t really want to choose someone who isn’t there for her.

Rose ceremony
1) Thomas (last week’s group date)
2) Greg (1 to 1 last week)
3) Andrew S. (last week’s group date)
4) David
5) Hunter
6) Connor C.
7) Mike P.-He suddenly stopped and asked Katie as a group to let her know that Karl wasn’t telling the truth. When Katie asked if they all felt the same, they all nodded “yes”. She made excuses, talked with Taicia and Caitlin, and then returned to the men.
8) Michael
9) Connor B.
10) Quartney
11) Training
12) Justin
13) Andrew M.
14) Christian
15) Josh
16) Brendan
17) James
18) Aaron

The men were delighted, Katie gave Karl no roses. He saw her and went out without saying a word to her. The men applauded her!

Group dating

Date cards read, Aaron, Quartney, James, Conner B., David, Justin, Thomas, Hunter, Brendan, love is honest and I need 100% … “Katey meets a man and puts them in the room The place where Nick Viall, a former “Bachelor’s” and “Bachelor’s” contestant, was sitting. Nick said he was there to hold the men responsible for the ghosts of women, cheating, and wanting to be the next “Bachelor’s degree.”

Brendan revealed that he was married and had a daughter and a son. He continued to tell his wife that he had to work as his priorities changed, but said they had fallen apart and divorced, apparently destroying them when he tried to build them. He promised that when Katie got married again, she would work hard to maintain that love.

Aaron said he met the girl after her father had a stroke, but then they broke up because she felt obliged to be with her. Quartney revealed that he broke the trust of women. Thomas revealed that he didn’t come there 100% because of Katie, but he was there now for her. He was there to build his “platform”. He said his feelings for her were real. He said there were people he led and he went on a date the week before he left for the show.

Our cat man, Connor B., said he dropped out of his PhD at the age of 24 or 25. I programmed and developed a drinking problem while working at the bar. He would be drunk with a power outage and tell people terrible, but one night he chose to fight his girlfriend and went to a party to trick her. He said he had blown up his life in a day. He did his best to reassure her, who is no longer him.

I couldn’t hear the details of all the men’s stories. Katie decided that they all told their story, and she would share too. On New Year’s Eve ten years ago, she was caught up in a situation where she couldn’t get consent. She denied what had happened and tried to establish a relationship with the man, but said it didn’t work. After that she didn’t want to have anything to do with sex, but then decided to dominate who she was and her life. She is now sex-positive and it happened to her too, so she opposes the guilt from men that she isn’t having enough sex.

Michael’s past
Michael revealed that he met his life in 2003 and they were together for 16 years. His wife died two years ago. He misses her. That’s terrible. Michael said he wanted to take risks in his life and start imagining the future of himself and his little son. Katie still doesn’t know that her wife, Laura, has died. Laura was the only woman he said “I love you.”

Group date cocktail party

Katie started by toasting the great conversations early in the day and how intimate they became.

Justin first checked in to Katie, and she said she felt really good about the process, and she felt good about every man there for the right reason. He is worried that he may not be noticeable enough to all the other great people there.

Katie told Connor B that she likes to control her situation and share her story with everyone. She said she was relieved and thanked him for being so open to her. They shared another nasty kiss, but he’s in Cloud 9.

Thomas told Katie that he didn’t ask her, but he believes they were put together for a reason. Katie said she wanted to know her danger signal, but he said nothing. Aaron said he had a danger signal about Thomas. James, Conner B., and Quartney agreed with him, but Thomas said it was smooth, what can you do? Meanwhile, Thomas told Katie that he would marry her if he were alone. He wasn’t happy about how his time went, he knew Katie wanted more from him, and he didn’t give it to her. Thomas returned to Katie, who was talking to Aaron, and disturbed them. He said he wanted to find out where he came from. He said he had a lot of fear about her, but he feels he has a strong energy to draw himself towards her. Katie immediately sparked with him and said he was happy to be there. They shared some passionate kisses.

James confronted Thomas about stealing Aaron’s time. Thomas said his time was more important than Aaron. Thomas then revealed to others that he had told Katie that he was in love with her. Katie came back and grabbed the rising date and handed it over to Connor B. Thomas was shocked! Connor B. was overjoyed! David didn’t spend any time with Katie that night … some guys aren’t fans of Thomas right now.

One-on-one date with Michael
Another date card arrived and said, “Michael A. Love is an adventure.” Katie drove to Michael in a flashy dune buggy and ran through the desert. They had a good time together. Michael said how great he was, and earlier in the day she turned it over and confessed that she had a bruise on her knee. Michael talked about how his son deserves a happy dad, and this is just a pause for him to explore his future. “I know you say this ends with an engagement, but it actually starts with an engagement,” said Michael. They shared a great kiss!

That night, Michael told Katie about his wife, Laura, and how she died of cancer. He cried while he was talking about the strength of his wife through it. He said they never gave up hope because they passed all possible clinical trials and visited all hospitals for answers. She died in January 2019. He said he knew what it was like to love and give everything, and he was finally ready to open his heart and start the future. “It’s a great gift to fall in love twice,” he said. Katie understood that he loved her forever and said she wasn’t afraid of it. Katie just found the way he talked about love beautiful, which brought her to tears. She offered him a date and said she was also offering it to his son James, and he said so! “She is the one I can love 100%,” Michael said. She said she could fall into him too and said, “That’s very unexpected!”

House rally against Thomas
Upon returning home, James and Connor B. warned another man about Thomas, saying he wasn’t there for the right reason. They were rallying an army! The hunter tried to warn him, but Thomas said he was only looking at Katie.

The next day, Katie said she was very hopeful of finding love at the end of this process. Before Katie arrived, Hunter told the group about the flip-flops and conversations Thomas had with Katie and the other guys in the house. Thomas tried to apologize, but said the hunter was only manipulating him. Thomas told Katie that he was sincere. The hunter said it wasn’t okay for Katie to break her heart. The group asked him if being a “Bachelor’s degree” was his priority, and he said it was an idea that crossed his head. He said it was gone from his heart, but others don’t believe him.

Next week preview
Next week they will be waxed on a group date. It will certainly bring some interesting moments. Thomas’ position as a villain rises. And from the Taicia season, Blake Moins arrives to fight Katie’s heart!

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On a one-on-one date with “single” Katie Thurston, she began to become a father.

Source link On a one-on-one date with “single” Katie Thurston, she began to become a father.

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